Nelson Mandela FNB Soccer Stadium Memorial Service Images


Today I have been privileged to be part of the Nelson Mandela FNB Soccer Stadium Memorial Service. Below you will find images from the Nelson Mandela FNB Soccer stadium Memorial service. Today is likely going to be one of the highlights in my journalist career.


I were part of the official media delegation at the FNB Soccer stadium and the atmosphere at the Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service can almost no be described in words. I have gone Goosebumps throughout the Memorial Service and have never been so proud being a South African citizen. The ultimate part of the Memorial Service were when President Barak Obama made his speech and paid tribute to Mr. Nelson Mandela.

There have also been many other delegations, former presidents and dignitaries from across the world, most notably Former President Bill Clinton, Former President George Bush and current USA President Barak Obama. (Mr. Barak Obama received one of the biggest cheers and welcomes from all the people who attended the event) and the speech he gave will go down in the history books as one of his greatest speeches.

Other controversial guests at the Nelson Mandela FNB Soccer Stadium Memorial Service included Mugabe from Zimbabwe and Raul Castro. One of the biggest and most controversial handshakes at the funeral were just after President Barak Obama finished his speech when he shook Raul Castro’s hand.

Images of the Nelson Mandela FNB Soccer Stadium Memorial Service

Below are some images that I have taken at the Nelson Mandela Memorial Service at the FNB Stadium. The images include from ordinary people to some of the most powerful men in the world, paying tribute to Mr. Nelson Mandela for his legacy and his work he have done for the people of South Africa and the world.