Nelson Mandela Died 5 December 2013


Today South Africa and the world will grieve for Mr. Nelson Mandela who died today on 5 December 2013. Mr. Nelson Mandela the father of a Nation, world symbol of peace and ultimate world symbol of forgiveness passed on last night peacefully in his sleep after a very long sickbed.

Nelson Mandela Died

Today the whole country and the world will morn for Mr. Nelson Mandela, news sites like CNN, BBC and Sky news will pay tribute to the legacy and life of this great South African leader. Today the world will stand still and all South African flags across the globe will be hang at half-mast to pay tribute to Mr. Nelson Mandela.

Living in South Africa I am scared for today. Today the whole South Africa will stand still and the whole economy may come to a standstill for many days to come. According to CNN and BBC news Mr. Nelson Mandela will only be buried after 10 days and I suspect that the next 10 days will be chaos as people pour their hearts and souls out for South Africa’s loss of their father, Madiba!

According to CNN and BBC news there will be a memorial service for Mr. Nelson Mandela at the FNB Soccer Stadium. The stadium is about 10 kilometers from my house, and thousands of people are expected to attend the memorial service at the FNB stadium.

Today 5 December 2013 will surely become a National holiday in South Africa. The day Nelson Mandela died! This day will remain in memory for all that stood against apartheid, a day of remembrance for all who stood against the oppressed and a day to remember the greatest leader the African continent have ever seen!

It is with great regret, tears in my eyes that I write about Nelson Mandela’s death today. May God be with our country? May Mr. Nelson Mandela’s legacy and vision of peace live in the hearts of our people? May South Africa and its people be blessed with peace and may our country come out stronger and united than ever before!

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