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Today Ford South Africa took up the Charity version of #Neknominate. The #NekNomination is a drinking game that is believed to have started in Australia. The Drinking Game Concept have quickly become a trend on the Internet and Thousands of people have taken up the challenge. The Neknomination Drinking Game was designed to go viral, and works similar to a pyramid scheme, a friend received a Neknomination and then have to post a video of himself downing “Necking” a drink and nominate two of his friends to do the same. The growth of the NekNomination Trend is phenomenal and have created exponential Social Media growth within a couple of days, since the first NekNomination have gone out.

#Neknominate have gone viral in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and the USA and it doesn’t look like there is any stopping to it! In my internet usage history going back to 1995 I have never seen a concept going as viral as the NekNomination challenge has gone viral. I have received my own Neknomination yesterday and took up the challenge. (In my private capacity).

The thing that makes the #Neknomination so unique is that it gets people interactively involved, by them having to post a video to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube to show their acceptance ot the challenge and Necking a drink.

Disclaimer: Alcohol Abuse is wrong, and you should not consume Alcohol irresponsibly and in large quantities. We at 3D Car Shows do not promote the use of Alcohol and Driving under the influence of Alcohol. If you take up the #NekNomination Challenge do so responsible!

#Neknominate Deaths linked to the Game

Like everything in live moderation is the key. Since the #Neknominate Social Media drinking game have gone Viral several deaths has been reported across the Globe from people accepting the challenge, over doing it and eventually ending up dead! Alcohol consumed in large quantities is never a good idea and not recommended. The Neknomination and challenge also have a strange effect on nominees, some people go way out of their way to create the “Best Neknomination Video” and this has resulted in a challenge by contestants to out do their friends leading to the deaths and dangerous consequences.

#Neknominate Social Media South African Twist

The #ChangeOneThing and #Neknominate hashtag twist bringing order to chaos. While many authorities around the globe sits in frustration and watch helplessly how the #Neknominate phenomenon continuous over the internet and leads to Alcohol Poisoning and Alcohol related deaths a South African Brent Lindeque have turned the game on it’s head. Instead of consuming alcohol for his necknomination Brent Lindeque went out and bought Food, a Chocolate and a Coke for a homeless guy (Street Vendor). He then challenged his friends to do the same. Since his Neknomination Brent Lindeque’s YouTube Video have received more than 740 000 views and leading to MANY people in South Africa and the world to turn the Neknomination phenomenon into something good! https://youtu.be/x-wztJ4m6xE After Brent Lindeque’s Neknomination several people have done the same, and now instead of trying to beat each other to see who can consume the most alcohol, People and South African corporates are trying to out do each other with charity work and donations to charity!

Ford South Africa #Neknomination


Today Ford South Africa accepted their #Neknomination and #ChangeOneThing and in a matter of 24 hours arranged to give something BIG back to charity and I am so impressed by their #ChangeOneThing and #Neknomination that I am going to do something official for 3D Car Shows related to my #Neknomination and do it for charity. Considering how much read tape usually surrounds corporate companies making decisions I am really impressed by the quick decision made by Ford South Africa relating to their #Neknomination. It is truly impressive and I hope that many South African corporates and International companies will follow the example set by Ford South Africa. https://youtu.be/1srzU_mszY0

“Thank you for your

Change One Thing

 nomination JWT and a huge thank you to Brent Lindeque for “Going Further”. This gave us (Ford South Africa) the opportunity to donate a new Ford Ranger to the Entokozweni Organisation in Mamelodi.” – Ford South Africa

Entokozweni cares for 109 children aged between 0 and 18 years. They offer meals and after school classes.

The #Changeonething campaign is making a Difference

In the Ford Video, Ford’s South African President Jeff Nemeth and CEO is helping to fuel the change and he has challenged Johan van Zyl from Toyota South Africa and Mike Whitfield from Nissan South Africa for their #Neknomination. Let’s see if they take up the Challenge and if the #Changeonething and #neknomination for GOOD follows the same trend as the original, lets see if TOYOTA and NISSAN can outdo the Ford South Africa Neknomination!

Ford South Africa Congratulations – We are IMPRESSED!

I am going to up-challenge the guys who #Neknominated me to see if they will do something for Charity! – I love it!

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