National Fairfuel Day another Step Forward Says RHA


    Wednesday, 7 March saw a tremendous turnout of hauliers, motorists and others descend on a very wet Westminster for National FairFuel Day.  The aim was to give those present the opportunity to lobby their MPs about record fuel prices and extortionate levels of fuel duty.

    Fairfuel Day

    RHA Chief Executive, Geoff Dunning commented, “The aim of yesterday’s lobby was to make as many MPs as possible aware of the results of the Centre for Economics and Business Research port. I think I can quite safely say that we achieved that aim.  Of course there is still more to do, but we can go forward with real confidence.

    The report states, quite clearly, that a reduction in fuel duty would fuel economic recovery by giving users more money. “If road users find they have more money in their pocket, there’s a good chance they will spend it.  The knock on effects of that will be increases in productivity, sales and of course, transport movements – all of which will need increased levels of manpower.

    “This is a win-win situation”, concluded Geoff Dunning.  “We are presenting the Chancellor with a solution that helps the man and woman in the street, that helps business productivity and helps boost the economy.”

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