National Boat Show 3D Virtual Tour

The Johannesburg National Boat Show took place in the Coca-Cola dome in Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa on the 7th to the 9th of September 2012. We have been at the show and have created the above Virtual Tour of the show.

The National Boat Show virtual tour is one of the most complete virtual tours of the Boat Show ever created. Visitors can walk through the show in a photorealistic enviroment viewing all the exhibitors and boats at the show.

The intention of the virtual tour is to allow visitors who could not attend the show a means to visit the show online, and to see who exhibited at the show, and find new products on the market.

The National Boat Show only takes place for 3 days, the virtual tour makes it possible for visitors to experience the show as if they were there forever. The purpose of the virtual tour is also to record the history of the show and allow people to see how the show evolves every year.

In order to view the virtual tour, please wait for it to load. Once the virtual tour have loaded you can use your mouse to navigate through the scenes, simply click and hold down your left mouse button and move left or right, you can also move up and down.

In the scenes there are “icons” if you click on these icons you can move from exhibitor to exhibitor, walking through the National Boat Show virtual tour. The Virtual Tour also have a map section allowing you to go directly to anyone of the exhibitors who have exhibited at the National Boat Show.