Natalie du Toit sponsored by General Motors


Natalie du Toit the young South African swimming sensation was handed the keys of a brand new Chevrolet Captiva LTZ by Robert Thorp, Joint Managing Director of the Thorp Motor Group and Des Fenner, Marketing Manager for GMSA. Wesbank have also provided a petrol card for her use.

This is the third car that General Motors and the Thorp Motor Group have sponsored for Natalie over the last 4 years.

“Both General Motors and the Thorp Group are proud to be associated with Natalie, a young lady who is an inspiration to all young people and who has risen to the absolute pinnacle of her sport after a tragic accident” said Robert Thorp.

Thanking GM, Thorp Auto and Wesbank Natalie said “GM and the Thorp Group have supported me for the past 4 years with great GM products which has helped me tremendously in my endeavours to reach the top in my swimming career. When I am not in the water training I am looking forward to experiencing my all new Chevrolet Captiva”

The silky smooth Captiva has an automatic gearbox and is full of luxury features – as standard items – true to the Chevrolet brand promise of providing great value at a reasonable price.

Natalie at the age of 16 narrowly missed qualifying for the 2000 Olympics in Australia and was determined to qualify for the Athens Olympics in 2004. Then tragedy struck when she was involved in a motor accident. Returning from swimming training one morning, a car exited from a parking area knocking her off her motor scooter and crushing her leg. After being airlifted to hospital doctors struggled for days to save her leg, but regrettable it had to be amputated it at the knee.

Determine not to let this accident get her down Natalie was up and about and back in the pool, training, as soon as was possible after being released from hospital. Less than two years after the accident she went on to qualify for the finals of the 800 meters freestyle of the 2002 Commonwealth games.

Natalie now 24 has qualified to swim in the up coming Beijing Olympic Games in the 10 000 open water swim event. The Beijing Olympics starts in August.