Muller, Menu Take Delivery Of Their Camaro Cabrios, Huff Opts For The Coupe


Alain to lend support to campaign against drink driving in Geneva

ZURICH – WELLINGBOROUGH, 16th December 2011 – Yvan Muller and Alain Menu took delivery today of their personal Camaro Cabrio, in Schwyz, at the occasion of the annual meeting of Chevrolet dealers from Switzerland, the birth country of Louis Chevrolet.


The new Camaro Cabrio, which revives one of the most iconic American sportscars of all times, was presented in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show last September, and the three Chevrolet WTCC drivers fell in love with it! While Yvan has chosen a Carbon Flash 45th Anniversary Edition, Alain has opted for a Summit White one. Rob Huff, who will soon take delivery of his unit as well, has chosen a Camaro Coupé, maybe thinking about weather in the UK…

Alain Menu is also news these days for other excellent reasons. The Swiss driver has lent his enthusiastic support to the “Nez Rouge” (Red Nose, in French) initiative, promoted by “Anges de la Route” (Road Angels), a Geneva-based NGO, which organizes free lift-to-home services during week-ends and festive periods. This road safety initiative, similar to what exists in many countries, is aimed at preventing people who go out to enjoy the evening from driving back home after having consumed alcohol. Alain has volunteered, both as a ambassador and a driver for the campaign and therefore, next Saturday night, some of his Geneva fellows will have the privilege to be brought back to their home’s doorstep by one of the most acclaimed WTCC drivers!

“I’m very happy to have the opportunity to contribute to this campaign”, says Alain. “Road safety is of the utmost importance, especially at the approach to the festive season, and we should all remember that drinking and driving should never be combined.”

With this in mind, we wish all of you a very happy Festive Season and all the best.


Yvan Muller: « It’s not a secret that I am a fan of American cars and bikes. As soon as I have seen the new Camaro Cabrio, I decided I wanted one to replace my previous « muscle car ». I really wanted a V8-powered cabrio to cruise around the Leman Lake ! »

Alain Menu: « When I saw the car for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show, I just ordered the same one as the one on display ! My kids, and especially my youngest daughter who always wanted to be driven in a cabrio, will be excited! »

Rob Huff : « For me, a V8, 430-hp car needs to have a roof and a manual gearbox! I adore the car’s design and think that the anthracite aluminum wheels give it a perfect extra touch of personality ! »

Eric Nève: « To see our three drivers driving Camaros reminds me of some years ago, when our then drivers decided to purchase a Corvette Z06. The three are excellent Chevrolet ambassadors and I am sure that they’ll enjoy travelling around with their Camaros ! »