Mugello to become a hotspot for classic Mini fans


Munich/Scarperia.   The classic Mini is a legend on four wheels, and its  fans are loyal and love to travel. This year they will be getting  together in the northern Italian province of Mugello for the 2013  International Mini Meeting (IMM). A tradition-steeped event held first  in 1978 and then at a different venue each year ever since, the IMM is  the world’s biggest meeting of the Mini club scene. The event grounds  in Scarperia, north of Florence and near the Autodromo Internazionale  del Mugello, will be the meeting venue for classic Mini fans from May  16th to 19th 2013.

Mugello MINI Club

The program has been compiled by the hosts to entertain the worldwide  community and features live concerts, automobile exhibitions,  competitions, joint excursions and lots of party action. The IMM 2013  also reflects the fascinating history of this unique British car, and  its diversity will be impressively documented by the fleet of  participants’ own cars. Nowhere else do so many representatives of  different sections of the brand’s history assemble: from lovingly  maintained classics dating back to the early years through to the very  latest individually styled MINI models.

A revolutionary space concept, classless style and fascinatingly  agile handling were what gave the classic Mini its exceptional status  on the international automobile markets from the very beginning. These  fundamental qualities were reproduced in all the numerous model  versions created back in the 1960s, accounting for the enormous  popularity of the classic Mini to this day and revived in modern form  for the 21st century in the new MINI. This is one reason why fans and  drivers of the new MINI have been part of the IMM community for many years.

So in Mugello, too, there will be brand new MINI models produced in  2013 parked alongside the Morris Mini Minor and the Austin Seven. The  MINI Clubman will meet its ancestor, the Morris Mini Traveller. And  the Mini Cooper S from the 1960s – once the base model for the cars  that won the Monte Carlo rally – will measure up against today’s top  sports model, the MINI John Cooper Works. And because the IMM is a  true family get-together, even the less well-known relatives will be  in on the act: these include the Wolseley Hornet and the Riley Elf,  elegantly fitted small cars which transferred the genes of the classic  Mini to two other British Motor Corporation brands, likewise in the 1960s.

In deference to the host country, an Innocenti Mini Parade will take  place on the Mugello race track. Based on the British original in  terms of technology and initially in its external design, too, the  Italian version of the car was produced in Milan from 1965. The last  of these came off the production line 20 years ago, having undergone  several revisions in the meantime.

IMM weekend activities also include a parts market, presentations by  Mini clubs from various countries, slalom and drift competitions and  test drives in current MINI models. There will also be excursions to  Pisa, Siena and Florence, either by bus or in a Mini convoy subject to  limited participant numbers. The most attractive and lovingly restored  automobiles from all eras of the brand’s history will be presented in  an exhibition area specially reserved for the Mini Contest. But awards  won’t just go to perfectly preserved classics: in the brand’s typical  tongue-in-cheek style there will also be prizes for the cleanest car,  the most rust, the longest distance covered to get to the IMM and the  loudest hi-fi system in a Mini.