Motorcycle Junior Off-Road Competition – Kamberg KwaZulu-Natal



Motorcycle Junior Off-Road Competition

Young off-road motorcycle and quad competitors participating in the 2013 Junior National Off-road Championship will be tested for two consecutive days when they tackle the final two rounds of the season on Saturday (28 September) and Sunday (29 September) in the Kamberg area in KwaZulu-Natal. The Kamberg Junior National will from rounds four and five of the series and riders will travel from all over South Africa to grab the last points of the season towards the titles and championships.

The Kamberg Junior National, organised by the South Coast Cadets who won ‘Best Junior National 2012’ will take national competitors to the Kamberg area for the first time and with two final chances to earn valuable points this year, the competition in each class will be extremely tough as the riders will have their eyes on the national titles. One will also have to take a double look at the current points’ standings as ‘Drop Points’ will come into play. This means that riders who have scored points at each of the five events, will have to get rid of their worst set of points.

In the Open Motorcycle Class Travis Teasdale (Husaberg Alfie Cox Racing TLB Plant Hire Portable Shade) could not finish the Junior Roof in Lesotho, but he has scored two consecutive victories and has moved to the fourth place in the class. If the ‘Drop Points’ system is being applied at this stage, Teasdale is actually leading and he is eight points ahead of Kyle Flanagan (Criterion Yamaha Portable Shade) who will have to get rid of only a few points after finishing way down at the second event outside Ventersdorp. The Middelburg (Mpumalanga) rider, Mauritz Meiring (McGee Yamaha) has been scoring consistently and has bagged the least amount of points in Lesotho. He is currently topping the results, but drops to third place (four points behind Flanagan) if he gets rid of his worst set of results.

Kamberg KwaZulu-Natal

Jason Jones (KTM) is just behind Meiring with Tyler Robins (Yamaha) rounding off the top five. The rest are somewhat behind and will use these last two chances to better their positions. Damien Scott (Criterion Yamaha Portable Shade) won the season opener, but had to skip the Winterberg event due to an injury. He dropped down the leader board and will try to get past Henco Botha (Pa Ma Racing Kawasaki) and Bradley Nortje (Manhand Shimwells Yamaha) who are sharing the same amount of points as well as Brendan Swanevelder (Team Brother KTM) and Driekert du Plessis (KTM) who are all currently in the top ten. This event will be in the backyard of KZN riders like Teasdale, Scott, Jones, Flanagan, Botha and Robins and the ‘visitors’ will have to dig deep if they would like to make an impression.

The Criterion Yamaha Portable Shade team-mates, Angus Coetzee from Port Elizabeth and local Matatiele rider, Dylan Barker, have been the only two winners in the 125cc Class this season with Coetzee hoping to score a hat-trick at Glengarry (the race takes place from this venue). He is leading the 125cc championship standings (even with ‘Drop Points’ applied at this stage), but Barker is only three points behind while Aeron Thompson (Kargo Racing KTM) is rounding off the podium trailing Barker by a mere five points. Cullim Symons (Waste / Flowe Pac Ekerold Yamaha) would like to add another podium to his third place in Lesotho and being in fourth place – four points behind Thompson – he will have his eye on the podium.

The top eight riders in the 125cc Class have scored consistently at each event and the amount of points they will have to drop (if they finish all five events), will play a big role in the final standings. Alex O’Donnell – he is still injured and will most probably not be competing – is currently fifth, one point ahead of Chayse Orsmond (Husaberg Alfie Cox Racing)  who has a three point advantage ahead of Reghardt van Niewenhuizen (KTM)  with Thompson’s team-mate, Ross Blackwell, trailing him the KTM rider by two points with Joe Moolenschot (Suzuki) another two points further back. Barker, Symons and Orsmond are all KZN riders who would fancy their chances for good results.

The 2012 Senior 85cc champion, Bradley Cox (Husaberg Alfie Cox Racing) will be competing in the Junior National Championship for the first time this season and can upset the applecart in the 125cc Class while Corbin Lamb (Husqvarna Racing) will hope to give Lady Luck a ride and to finish the season in the top ten and hopefully with less bad luck.

Dean Lindsay (Yamaha) has won twice in three events, but although he leads the Senior 85cc Class, he is not safe yet as Durban rider, Tristan Asher-Wood (KTM) is only 10 points behind him (‘Drop Points’ included) while Daniel van Zyl (Alfie Cox Racing KTM) is a further two points behind. Newcomer Michael Wolhuter (Alfie Cox Racing / Fuchs Silkolene KTM) is also used to the racing conditions as he lives quite close and he would like to add another victory to his first win at the previous event. Eduan Bester (NUTS Racing Century Civils Kawasaki) is currently fourth, but Calvin Hume (Fast Power Sports Kawasaki) and Christopher Renwick (Suzuki), who are sharing the same amount of points, are only one point behind him. Tristan White (KTM) and Josh Bailey (Yamaha) is also in the mix and all these riders are in a position overtake his opposition in front of him. The battle lines will be drawn and some interesting fights can be expected.

Margate’s Kayde Mante (KTM) has won the Junior 85cc Class twice this season and leads the only other winner, David Odendaal (Pa Ma Racing KTM) from Matatiele by three points (‘Drop Points’ included). It can be expected that these two riders will be at each other’s throats again and fitness will play a very important role in the outcome of the results of both races. Behind them local Kamberg rider, Matthew Green (Kargo Racing KTM) will hope to produce a good result in front of his home crowd. He is currently third (seven points behind Odendaal) with Matatiele’s Stefan van Deventer (Pa Ma Racing Yamaha) only two points behind him and Eric Mclean (Barnard Vervoer KTM) another two points further back.

Green and Van Deventer have both been on the podium this year and these riders have put in consistent performances. Erik Merry (NUTS Racing Century Civils KTM) is sixth, only one point ahead of newcomer, Ryan Pelser (RKM WaterJet Profiling KTM) and Maarten van Jaarsveld (Yamaha) who are sharing the same amount of points. Michael Glockle (Manhand Shimwells Yamaha) and Barend Pretorius (Team Pesti Racing KTM) are also in the top ten and good results will ensure them staying there.

The 10-year old Noah Maartens (Pa Ma Racing KTM) has been unstoppable this season and has won the Junior 65cc Class three times already with his team-mate, Shaun Wallis claiming two second places. Wallis is third (he did not compete in the season opener) with Gunther Foit (CFE Racing Husqvarna)  filling the second place, 10 points behind Maartens.

Racing for two consecutive days will be a new challenge for these youngsters (competitors in the 65cc and Junior 85cc classes are all between the ages of seven and 12 years) and they will aim for good points after both days.

The Kamberg Junior National will start on Saturday (28 September) and on Sunday (29 September) at 08h30 when the junior competitors (65cc and Junior 85cc) will tackle their two-hour race while the senior riders (Senior 85cc, 125cc and Open classes) will start their three-hour race from 11h30. This race will also form two rounds of the South Coast Cadets Regional Harescramble Championship and all the action will take place from Glengarry (29° 19′ 24″ S29° 42′ 55″). Spectators are welcome.