Motor Bike Expo 2014


Motor Bike Expo 2014

For the first time in Veronafiere Cafe Racer and Scrambler at Motor Bike Expo 2014 An entire pavilion dedicated to new trends Overview (with special focus) on the leaders of this special event Swinging London years, challenges between Mods and Rockers, Ace Cafe and 59 Club, legendary brands such as Norton, Triumph, BSA, Matchless and […]

  • For the first time in Veronafiere
  • Cafe Racer and Scrambler at Motor Bike Expo 2014
  • An entire pavilion dedicated to new trends
  • Overview (with special focus) on the leaders of this special event

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Swinging London years, challenges between Mods and Rockers, Ace Cafe and 59 Club, legendary brands such as Norton, Triumph, BSA, Matchless and many others: these are the ingredients for an unforgettable atmosphere at pavilion 1 for the next edition of Motor Bike Expo, planned at Veronafiere from January 24th to January 26th 2014.

For the first time this area will be reserved to the enchanting world of cafe racer and scrambler, two kinds of motorcycles born in the Sixties and Seventies. The first one is characterized by clip-ons, one piece seat-tail unit, open exhausts, and peculiar fairings. Scrambler is instead more disposed to moderate off-road style, using larger handlebars, higher suspensions, and gritty tires for a better comfort on dirt roads.

s start with Mr Martini, who is exposing his specials in this pavilion since many years; his choice is now better than ever!  Nicola Martini, owner of the official Triumph dealer in Verona, celebrates 20 years of business of his well known store and, in agreement with the Italian Triumph branch, will show all the Classics range: Bonneville, Thruxton and Scrambler. Talking about this last model, you will get the chance to see the kit Scrambler Limited Edition, available on both off and on road edition, and the exclusive BugSuitet disappoint his public!

motor bike expo 2014

David Borras Higuero, a bizarre customizer better known as El Solitario Heritage Motor Co, is awaited from Spain as a real “star”. His trendy workshop, born in 2010 in Galicia, gives birth to unconventional motorbikes, able to shock even the capricious Custom world. His creatures, characterized by extreme shapes and almost total handmade bodywork, express the zoomorphic style of David and his assistant Frank Freiria, the realizer of David’s ideas. El Solitario atelier is now the reference point not only for Spain; its motorbikes with snarky names such as Gonzo, Chupito, Petardo or Winning Loser are popular all over the world, from USA to Japan. He makes them using different basis, from BMW R series, to old Yamaha SR250 without skipping Triumph T120 Bonneville and Harley–Davidson Duo Glide Panhead, nor the italian Ducati or Moto Guzzi. One of his last creatures, the Petardo, was made from a Ducati 900SS 1993, almost unrecognizable under the bodywork of shaped tinplate.

Beyond Triumph, other companies such as BMW and Headbanger, have chosen this pavilion for the presentation of their new models. The italian factory Headbanger from Rovato is introducing its new 2014 selection: Hollister, Foxy Lady, High Flyin, Summertime, Woodstock, Boogie, Gipsy Soul. Made in Italy motorcycles with American engine but Euro3 approved.

The most brilliant star at BMW stand will be the brand new R nine T, created for the 90th anniversary celebration of the Bavarian brand. It’s powered by a 1170 cc Boxer twin engine, air/oil cooling, able to deliver 110 hp at 7.750 rpm. One of its characteristics is the modular bodywork which allows to a unique customization. BMW is also going to display the whole range of motorbikes, including the most recent S 1000 R, R 1200 RT and R 1200 GS Adventure.

Still regarding BMW, Giulio Paz Design is going to present Diva: essentiality and great personality are its strong points. Giulio’s goal was to create something really unique, something to upset the concepts of beauty of the last decades, without compromising drivability, ergonomics and safety. The frame is handcrafted, components especially designed with the partnership of Bonamici Racing, recall a Superbike, while engine and wiring is standard so that any BMW garage is entitled to maintenance service.

Among Italian customization companies you will find Free Spirits, from Vicenza county, realizing special parts for Triumph, Harley-Davidson and Buell, with a particular preference for sport models and all its accessories. Carrè’s company is also the Italian representative of Motorcycle Storehouse, the dutch trademark known for special parts and for the best motorbike clothing. Free Spirits also makes its special bikes, and will get the pleasure to introduce at MBE two unseen and unreleased brand new models, especially conceived for the fair! The first one is based on a Triumph Scrambler modified according to flat track style. It is the evolution of the previous Motard and will be realized in co-operation with the promoters of Tridays meeting in Neukirchen. The other instead, comes from a Harley-Davidson Sportster 883R with big engine modifications pulled to 1.470cc, with exhaust racing system and open primary belt drive, while dynamics will be very different starting with geometry and ending with Kineo Wheels, rearward footrests, steering column plate, short handlebars for a Cafe Racer look, typical of Free Spirits.

While talking about Cafe Racer we cannot skip a due mention to Mark Wilsmore, boss of the popular Ace Cafe, coming straight from London. Born late Thirties as a refreshment bar for truck-drivers, it was totally rebuilt after WW2 and in the Sixties it was the official meeting place of Rockers and British motorbike lovers. It has been shut down for over 30 years, until Mark bought it out in 1997. It is located on North Circular road, north west suburb of London. All the merchandising of the store will be available: books, video, publications and much more.

The Brough Superior SS100 will be exhibited indeed. The legendary trademark founded in 1919 has been recently brought back to life by Mark Upham and his SS100, latest expression of this british specialty, gets the name from the ancestor born 90 years ago. Fully equipped with a titanium & steel frame, it is pulled by a two-cylinder engine V 88 140 hp and manufactured in only 20 units per year.

In the Ace Cafe area, where English will be the mother language for three days, you will get the chance to meet some myths of the popular race Tourist Trophy. First of a long list pilot Conor Cummins, born on Isle of Man. Among his personal records “fastest newcomer” at the North West 200, at Southern 100 on Isle of Man, and winner at “Ulster Grand Prix” among the Newcomers. After racing with Tyco Suzuki and Milwaukee Yamaha teams, Conor is going to pull alongside with the veteran John McGuinnes for Honda Motor Europe team taking part in the contest of Road Racing. His personal sponsor Red Torpedo will be in Verona too. Red Torpedo is a well known brand of fashion clothing used by other pilots such as Guy Martin, John McGuinness himself, Joshua Brookes and Carl Fogarty.

Beyond England, France counts the largest number of fans for this kind of motorcycles. RAD Magazine Amaury respectively, Atelier Speed Shop and In Clutch We Trust. The first one is focused on old Japan 4 cylinders, as the famous Honda CB 750 Four. The latter instead ranges between Cafe Racer and Scrambler on different basis. From Biarritz – Basque Country, Ruleshaker, cafe racer specialist but also bobber and tracker; from the Rhone Alps Kikishop CustomAzur, the garage Pure Motorcycles specialized in Japanese from the Seventies.

Lots of interesting stands of Italian workshops and dealers at this MBE 2014 edition, but also forums and meetings. Many brands already applied for the fair: Acewell, Lari Motori, Bizzarrino, Max BN, Berti Moto, Settanta 3, Project, MB Mueller, Rolling Barber, Mag on Line, Gran Ferro, Glemseck 101, Tridays, Triumph che passione and much much more!!

All the owners and builders of cafe racer and scrambler motorbikes are invited to register for the two bike shows arranged at the fair in Verona. This year, a new contest at MBE dedicated to this kind of vehicles: Cafe Racer of the Year, organized by the Italian magazine Cafe Racer italia. The monthly newspaper published by Play Lifestyle Media and directed by Roberto Sposini, is the most popular publication dealing with this kind of bikes.

The contest is open to professionals, individuals or garages, divided in three categories: Rookie, Garage, and Top Customizers. The last category already includes big names such as Pietro Figini from TpR, Franco Augello from Moto Sumisura, and Roberto Totti from Totti Motori.

The best ten motorbikes will be chosen in January among all those who registered for Rookie within Dec 31st filling up the form on MBE web site motorbikeexpo.it/caferacer.shtmls page Caferaceritaliaofficial, or Twitter @cafeRacerItalia. The other two categories Garage and Top Customizer will be selected by direct recruitment.

Big names even in the panel who will chose the best three executionsbeyond the director Roberto Sposini, some of the judges will be: Nicola Martini, Conor Cummins, Mark Wilsmore. Dj Ringo, Giovanni Di Pillo, Bertrandt Bussillet, redacteur en chef of the French magazine Cafè Racer. Furthermore, on Sunday, Dinamica Channel will arrange a sort of talent show which will involve both panel and competitors.

A permanent presence since the very first edition is Low Ride Bike Contest, located, this year, at pavillon 3. There will be many awards to win! In addition to the Top20, for the ranking of the best 20 motorbikes, and the Best in Show, electing the most beautiful of the exhibit, there will be many prizes for the different categories and for the “Scrambler & Racer”, together with those reserved for H-D Modified, Bagger, Best Paint and so on. Also this contest is open to garages and individuals.

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Published : Friday January 17, 2014

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