Mother’s Day Ireland Google Doodle


Today Sunday, March 10 is Mother’s Day in Ireland. The Irish celebrates Mother’s Day four Sundays after lent. The Irish Mother’s Day tradition dates back to Medieval times, when Children were sent off to work for the rich and the nobles. These children worked under tough conditions and did not have many days off from  work.

Mothers Day

According to folklore these Children would get one day off in the middle of the Roman Catholic Lent period and would be allowed to go to church to celebrate the “Mother of all” the Virgin Mary’s  day in church.

Many of these children used Mother’s Day to visit their real family, after the church service. These children were poor and did not have money to buy lavish gifts for the Mothers on Mother’s Day and mostly picked flowers along the way home to give to their Mothers.

They would also bake Mother’s Day cakes and bring food items home if they had access to these at the places they have worked.

Modern Day Mother’s Day Celebrations in Ireland

Today Mother’s Day in Ireland is celebrated the same as what it is celebrated like in the USA, United Kingdom and the rest of the world. On Mother’s Day children try to spoil their Mothers by bringing them breakfast in bed, send mother’s day cards to them, and take them out to breakfast, lunch or dinner, to show their appreciation to their mothers.