Mother’s Day Google Doodle 2014


    On May 11th 2014 Google Announced “Mother’s Day” with a Google Doodle Internationally on their search engine homepages. This year the Mother’s Day Google Doodle is not interactive and you cannot send a Mother’s Day card from the doodle itself.

    Mother's Day

    The Mother’s day Google Doodle is a graphic with a mother enjoying a bicycle ride with her kids. Mother’s day is not celebrated only on the second Sunday in May, some countries celebrate mother’s day in February, March, May, June, October and November.

    What is Mother’s Day about?

    Mother’s day is a day dedicated to Mothers for their mostly unselfish love they have for their kids, and their important influence on society. A mother’s love is the protection, nourishment, affection and care that a mother bestows on her child. A mother is said to be God’s servant. She can sacrifice a lot of things in life so that her child gets the best out of it all. Although Mother’s day comes only once a year, it is a day that children can recognize their mothers for their awesome love and the things their mothers do to make their live easier and more comfortable.

    5 Things you can do for your Mother this Mother’s Day

    The list below is mostly for small children that wants to make their Mothers feel special on Mother’s Day.

    1. Make a Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed
      Usually Mother’s do not want to wake up to early on Mother’s Day. If you want to make your mother breakfast in bed, get your timing right! Do not make breakfast to early, wait until she has woken up before serving her breakfastFor your Mother to truly appreciate the breakfast in bed, clean up after yourself and don’t make her regret her mother’s day breakfast by leaving her a dirty kitchen.
    2. Clean up your stuff
      If you have made mess in the house the previous day, clean up after yourself on Mother’s Day, the last thing a Mother wants to do on Mother’s day is cleaning up after her kids.
    3. If there is going to be guests on Mother’s Day
      If you or the family is expecting visitors for Mother’s Day offer to cook or help your Mother with all the necessary stuff to make it easy for her to prepare the food, even better if you are old enough and can cook make the food and tell your mother to enjoy the day.
    4. Give your Mother Flowers on Mother’s Day
      One of the nicest gifts you can give your Mother on Mother’s Day is flowers. If you can pick fresh flowers from the garden your Mother will appreciate it more, otherwise you need to get your Dad to buy some flowers, or if you are old enough get it yourself!
    5. Mother’s Day Card Make sure you go and buy a mother’s day card for your mother on Mother’s Day, in General mothers love to treasure these. If you can make the card yourself it is even better

    Most importantly tell your Mother that you love her on Mother’s Day, make sure that she knows that you appreciate everything that she does for you!