Mother’s Day 2013 Google Doodle


This year mother’s day falls on the 12th of May, 2013 for the majority of countries around the world celebrating mother’s day. This year Google in true Doodle fashion decided to announce the day with a Mother’s Day Gadget on their homepage.  The Mother’s Day Gadget gives the option to create 3 different types of gifts that users can send to their mothers on Mother’s Day via the doodle.

Mothers day

Mother’s day have been especially dedicated to a day (Usually the second Sunday of May) when the majority of people around the world celebrates Mothers’ Day on the same day. The concept behind Mother’s Day is simple, usually kids take their parents and mothers for granted, being a good mother means that mothers dedicate a fair amount of their time, love and resources to their children providing them with stable homes, care and education.

On Mother’s Day kids spoil their mothers to show their appreciation and love for their mothers. Usually Kids will make something for their mothers on Mother’s Day and usually involve them serving breakfast to their mothers in bed. They will also create or purchase mother’s day cards or pick flowers from their gardens to give to their mothers, to show their love and appreciation.

“Grown-up Kids” will celebrate the day by taking their mothers out to lunch or dinner, if they have their own kids usually visit the Mothers home on Mother’s Day and celebrate the day as a family.

The Mother’s Day Google doodle today offer 3 ways to digitally send your mother a Mother’s Day card.

How does the Mother’s Day Google Doodle work?

Mothers Day Google Doodle

To activate the Google Mother’s Day Doodle you need to click on the play button which are in the center of the Google Doodle. Once you have pressed the play button more buttons will slide out from the left of the Google Doodle allowing you to pick from 3 different gifts that you can send.

Once you select an option the Mother’s Day Google Doodle Gadget will perform the action and once it is completed it would give you 3 new options to further customize your Google Mother’s Day Doodle.

Mothers Day 2013

If you run through all the options you will be able to print the Google Doodle Mother’s Day Card and write your own message for your mother on the card. There is also an option to share your Mother’s Day card to your social networks, or to re-create a new mother’s day card if you are not happy with the design that you just created.

Mothers day cards

Here’s to the Moms – Thank you mom

Google have also created a guide to mother’s day to say thank you to your mom, and all mom’s for their love and dedication. You can view the “Thank You Mom” Google campaign for Mother’s Day 2013 on the Google Thank you Mom page.

Thank You Mom