MOTHER WAGON: VE Sportwagon is a different kind of SS altogether


The Chevrolet Lumina sedan and Lumina SS Ute have become icons in South Africa. A brutishly powerful V8 engine combined with rear wheel drive, a sporty transmission, and a spacious cabin make for a fun and involving driving experience. In Australia, where the Lumina and Ute SS are built, they are also considered something of a rare and special breed.

There is a variant of this car that is even more special; the VE Sportwagon SS. It has the same no-nonsense frontal design as the Lumina SS sedan with huge intake vents and bold projector headlamps above the integrated front spoiler with oval fog lights. The side profile is also very much like that of the Lumina sedan but the shape of the Sportwagon has a much cleaner look that is more sexy hatchback than bulky station wagon.

The overall effect is stunning. The VE Sportwagon SS has the same muscular presence of the sedan and Ute variants but is easier on the eye. The design objectives for the VE Sportwagon SS were to create a desirable station wagon that would reflect an active lifestyle and still offer practicality and functionality.

The result is a Sportwagon with plenty of rear cargo space and performance to boot. This model is not currently planned for the local market but buyers can visit a GM dealer for other exciting Chevrolet family cars that offer good performance and practicality such as the Chevrolet Captiva – a full seven-seater at an affordable price.