Most Searched for Vehicles in South Africa


Today Google have released there Zeitgeist 2012 report for most trending and searched for topics in the world. Here at

3D Car Shows

we were particularly interested to see what Cars made it into the top Vehicles Category on the Zeitgeist providing us with an idea which cars are most searched for on the internet by South Africans.

Car of the year South Africa

Here is a list of the top 10 most searched for cars in South Africa according to the Google Zeitgeist 2012 Report. The Zeitgeist is an annual report by Google providing highlights of the Search Engine most searched for topics in the previous year.

The Zeitgeist offers valuable overview and hindsight of what people searched for the previous year!

Most Popular Cars in South Africa Search

  1. Toyota 86

  2. Toyota Etios

  3. Kia Rio

  4. Kia Optima

  5. Nissan Juke

  6. Golf 7 GTI

  7. Hyundai

  8. Mercedes Benz

  9. New Audi a3

  10. Ford Kuga

On the 5th of December 2012 Standard Bank awarded the Land Rover Evoque people’s wheels award making it the

Standard Bank Car of the Year

for 2012 in South Africa. It is interesting that the Car of the Year did not feature so well in the Google Most Popular Cars in South Africa report and that the Toyota 86 were the most searched for car in 2012 by South Africans.