Michelin I-SpyFollowing the successful re-launch of the Michelin I-Spy series in December 2009, Michelin has now launched an additional 13 titles, including some old favourites, bringing the total number to 50.

These include: I-Spy The Night Sky, which should be popular given the resurgent interest in astronomy over the last few years; I-Spy Minerals, Rocks and Fossils which is likely to become many children’s favourites; a dual language I-Spy Paris, which as well as the sights of Paris could cater for children wishing to learn French and perhaps French children learning English; I-Spy Kings and Queens, which could be of particular interest in this year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Two of the new titles may well appeal to adults as much as children. I-Spy Book of Facts is a great way for quiz lovers to swot up on general knowledge, and I-Spy Football Grounds, featuring 115 of the league football grounds in England and Scotland, is likely to be popular with any football fan.

The other new titles are: Castles and Battles, Cambridge, People and Places, Mini World Atlas, Isle of Wight, High Weald and Great Britain which celebrates the magnificent inventions, buildings and people that have help establish our heritage.

Each pocket sized I-Spy book contains up to 200 themed colour photographs, which readers have to spot.  The aim is to tick them off and collect points; having reached 1,000 points children can join the I-Spy Club and send off for a certificate.

The new I-Spy books are priced at £2.50 each, except for the Paris and Mini Atlas titles which are £2.99, and are available from all good bookshops and Amazon.