Mitsubishi announce two new Cars – Johannesburg Motor Show



Mitsubishi have taken the opportunity at the Johannesburg International Motor Show of previewing two models which will be coming to South Africa – the Mirage small hatchback and the latest all-new Outlander crossover SUV.

Mitsubishi Mirage

The new Mirage is an all-new platform worldwide.  The latest Mirage, which was launched at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, is already proving a strong seller in a number of markets, particularly Australia and Thailand.  Its predecessor, internationally branded the Colt small car, was never been marketed in SA.  The great little Mirage takes Mitsubishi SA straight into one of the toughest segments of the local market, but also the largest segment in the SA market.  Well priced and well specced, the Mirage should take on its competitors head to head. This 2013 Mirage is the sixth generation of a model range that was launched originally in Japan in 1978.

No details regarding the specification of the cars or the pricing have been released yet, but they are sure to be very competitive and to continue Mitsubishi SA’s policy of offering value-for-money products. There will be four derivatives including an automatic version of the Mirage global small car to ensure there is a model to suit the requirements of all those shopping for a modern small car. All models will have five doors and be able to accommodate five adults.

The three-cylinder 1,2-litre petrol engine is the latest generation and delivers 59kW.  There will be a five-speed manual gearbox and a CVT system.  The most advanced research has gone into the aerodynamics of the Mirage resulting in the best aerodynamic vehicle in its class. The overall shape has been optimised to fine tune its drag coefficiency to just 0.27 and the sleek body, clam-shell bonnet and tapered roofline create the striking profile of a car engineered from the ground up for fuel economy and CO2 efficiency. There is fantastic fuel economy on offer from the unit of just 4.6 l / 100km and amazing CO2 figures of just 100g/km.

Specification levels of the Mirage hatchback are expected to be generous, in line with the other Mitsubishi products on the SA market. The brand also has the benefit of an established dealer network and the backing of the Imperial Group.

Outlander 2014

The new Mitsubishi Outlander SUV is in the large SUV segment and again the Mitsubishi executives are confident the latest Outlander will be competitive. It is completely restyled and is much rounder than its predecessor. It is sure to offer a very generous specification in line with Mitsubishi’s other product ranges.

Mitsubishi Outlander

The interior is elegant, featuring wood print instrument accent panel, dual zone climate control air conditioning  and high contrast instrument meter with colour LCD display.  The interior comes with leather seats, 7 seats as standard, Front driver power seat & heated front seats and Third row seats with recline adjustment.  The Outlander is also to come with a keyless operation system that allows you to start driving without ever taking your key from your pocket.  With the climate control you can also customise the environmental settings.

The latest Outlander, which is one of the hero models on the Mitsubishi stand at the Johannesburg International Motor Show, is the third generation of this spacious seven-seater crossover. The model on show is fitted with a four-cylinder 2.4-litre petrol engine and CVT transmission system.

Mitsubishi SA is also investigating the twin motor  Plug-in Hybrid EV version of the Outlander to SA at a later stage, which will make it the first of the compact crossovers to be offered with this environmentally-friendly propulsion system in South Africa. It is in fact the first plug-in hybrid SUV in the world.

This Hybrid Outlander derivative was launched in Japan at the end of last year and is a fusion of several technologies developed by MMC, including electric vehicle systems developed from the i-MiEV electric car, four-wheel drive technology from the Lancer Evolution (Evo) and SUV knowhow gained from Pajero.

JIMS 2013

The result is a ground-breaking new model that brings together the superior environmental performance and quietness of an electric vehicle with the stability and handling of a four-wheel drive vehicle and the practicality of an SUV.

The Outlander Plug-in Hybrid EV has a high capacity battery, including a 100 Volt AC supply capable of delivering 1 500W of electricity as an external power source, while the battery charge mode permits the battery to be charged by the engine when the car is stationery or being driven.

Mitsubishi SA has been building its model range steadily since it became part of the Imperial Group and the display at the motor show is a further indication that more products are on the way to make the brand even more competitive in this market.