Mission Impossible 4: The BMW i8

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Mission Impossible 4 Car and Paula Patton

If you were looking for a review about the latest Movie release in the sequel of mission impossible, then you are on the wrong page.

On this page we are not going to talk much about the new Mission Impossible 4 movie. Yes the movie is cool with Tom Cruise in the lead role and the sexy Paula Patton as Jane Carter in the Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol.

We are more interested in the Super Cool BMW i8 Tom Cruise is driving than we are in the movie! Not because we think the Mission Impossible 4 Movie is not a block buster and one of the greatest movies this Christmas Period, but simply because we love the BMW i8

In this article we will discuss the BMW i8 the car in Mission Impossible 4 Movie. The BMW i8 is a Hybrid vehicle and part of the BMW Initiative to build “greener cars”. If you are interested in buying the BMW i8 you will still need to wait a couple of years before it will become available on the market.

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible

According to BMW they do however plan to offer the BMW i3 first. The BMW i3 is a more compact vehicle and smaller than the BMW i8.

The BMW i3 will be the first mass-produced electric vehicle from BMW. The BMW i3 and BMW i8 offers exceptional luxury and technologies and once they are built will one of the premier lines of electrical vehicles on the market.

Although the BMW i-Series are electric vehicles they are still very fast. BMW claims that the car can accelerate from 0-100km/h in less than 8 seconds. The BMW i8 are a true Hybrid vehicle, in true BMW spirit the BMW i8 concept does not sacrifice on performance. The BMW i8 with its Combustion engine and Electric Engine will offer acceptable fuel consumption with impressive performance.

The Electric Engine sits in the front of the BMW i8 while the combustion engine sits at the back of the car. BMW claim that the BMW i8 will be able to go from 0-100km/h within 5 seconds. Fuel consumption on the BMW i8 is expected to be 3.0 liters/100Km.

For more information about the BMW i8:

The BMW i8 Car in the Mission Impossible 4 movie

I was privileged to have touched and sit inside the BMW i8 when it visited South Africa at the Johannesburg International Car Show earlier this year. The BMW i8 is still a concept car and have not yet gone into production.

Images of the BMW i8 Car in the Mission Impossible Movie

I have personally taken the images of the BMW i8 below.


“The BMW i8 Concept Car. The Car in the new Mission Impossible 4 Movie”

BMW i8 mission impossible 4

“BMW i8: Side view of the Car in Mission Impossible 4, the Ghost Protocol”

BMW i8 mission impossible 4

“Front view of the BMW i8 Mission Impossible 4”

BMW i8 mission impossible 4 front Top View

“Front view of the Mission Impossible 4 Ghotst Protocol Car. The BMW i8 Concept Car”

BMW i8 mission impossible front side view

“The BMW i8 Mission Impossible”

BMW i8 mission impossible Ghost Protocol

“BMW i8 mission impossible Ghost Protocol”

BMW i8 mission impossible rear view

“BMW i8 mission impossible rear view”

BMW i8 mission impossible rear view 2011

If you live in the Detroit area, you can visit the North American International Auto show in January to see the BMW i8 series for yourself!

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