Retailers trying to get to grips with a digital deluge on Twitter and Facebook should turn to the latest edition of Car Dealer Magazine which features a list of social media Top Tips provided by MIPAA.

“When the call went out from Dave Brown at Car Dealer Magazine we were delighted to share our social media experience gained running workshops for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers since 2007”, explains Al Clarke, Chairman of MIPAA.

“In a connected world where consumers can publish comments 24/7 you need a plan. It’s no use leaving your brand’s reputation to chance, or even worse, a well-meaning but poorly trained social media enthusiast in your business.

“MIPAA has been leading the social media discussion for the last five years – sharing knowledge and experience with marketing and PR practitioners across all areas of the motor industry. Several of those leading adoption of the new technologies started their social journey with MIPAA and continue to share their experience with fellow members at our regular events.

“If the article in Car Dealer Magazine sparks an interest to know more about social media, MIPAA is offering a Spring Series of workshops, seminars and forums run by the industry for the industry.  With prices from £50 for a hands-on session, you won’t find better value, expert training anywhere else.  Visit the MIPAA website –


– for details and online booking.”

MIPAA’s advice in Car Dealer Magazine (


) focuses on six key steps all retailers can follow – based on the successful social media experience of motor industry PR practitioners:

  1. Secure your brand – create professional branded presence in the key locations: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube
  2. Complete your profiles – the ‘elevator pitch’ opportunity to make sure you can be found
  3. Have a clear purpose – are you offering valuable information, connecting with customers, seeking new prospects or building a reputation?  Be focused. Don’t just broadcast sales offers
  4. Build contacts – develop a good reputation and brand advocacy (referrals) by having a dialogue, offering valuable content and being human
  5. Tailor your content – different social media have different approaches. Use appropriate language and methods of engagement.
  6. Keep learning – this is evolving territory and new opportunities emerge all the time. Connect with industry organisations such as @MIPAA to keep up to date