MINI at the 2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA)


    With seven models and up to eight engine variants, a uniquely diverse  range of paint finishes, interior designs and options and a constantly  growing program of accessories, the British brand MINI sets the  benchmark for individualised driving pleasure more than ever before.  The original within the premium segment of small cars has now  established itself in the compact class and penetrated additional  target groups with the MINI Countryman and also the MINI Paceman, the  model which was successfully launched this year. In so doing, MINI  continues its tradition as a supplier of globally successful and  classless automobiles which it started more than 50 years ago.

    Frankfurt Motor Show Mini

    At the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), MINI presents the full  breadth of its model range. This includes the models launched under  the John Cooper Works brand. The selection of top-level sports cars  for extreme driving fun now also extends to seven models. Visitors to  the IAA from September 12th to 22nd 2013 will also have the  opportunity to see the latest new additions to the Original MINI  Accessories program.  The highlights in this product area include the  world’s first ever retrofit 25-watt xenon headlamp for selected MINI  models, the new generation of the portable navigation system developed  especially for MINI and the new MINI child seats.

    Globally unique: increased safety when driving at night with  retrofit 25-watt xenon headlamp.
    The Original MINI Accessories program includes a range of  perfect ways to selectively highlight and enhance the expressive  design, sporty driving properties and functionality of a MINI. MINI is  now the world’s first automobile manufacturer to offer a retrofit  xenon headlamp with an output of 25 watts and manual height  adjustment. This gives owners of a MINI, MINI Clubman, MINI  Convertible, MINI Coupé and MINI Roadster a low-cost option to add a  highly effective and efficient light source to their automobile at a  later stage. In terms of quality, luminosity and range, the retrofit  headlamps are identical to the xenon light available for MINI as a  special equipment feature ex works. They also offer a much longer  service life and lower energy consumption than the standard halogen  lamps. Another new addition to the range of exterior accessories is  the LED daytime running light, likewise designed for retrofit. An  innovative solution both technologically and visually, it comes in the  form of a combined fog light, side light and daytime running light in  full LED. Other new additions to the Original MINI Accessories program  include the Navigation Portable XL system with 4.3-inch display,  integrated TMC Premium traffic jam warning and innovative holder for  integration in the cockpit of all MINI models.

    Safety and comfort for the youngest MINI fans: new MINI child    seats.
    The new MINI child seats provide even greater safety and comfort  for the very youngest fans of the brand. They are available in three  versions covering the age range between 0 and 12. The models MINI Baby  Seat 0+ and MINI Junior Seat 1 are each fitted with an ISOFIX  attachment system, while the MINI Junior Seat 2/3 has connectors for  the ISOFIX anchorage point. In all seat variants there are innovative  integrated airpads to protect the child’s head from lateral forces.  The new MINI child seats are offered in two colour versions. The  colour Vivid Green is available in addition to a modern interpretation  of the traditional Union Jack motif in vintage look.

    Driving fun and individual style: the current MINI model range.
    The MINI brand epitomises driving fun, agility, expressive  design, premium quality and individual style the world over. The  diverse product portfolio bears out the status of MINI as a supplier  of automobiles which authentically express both the unmistakable style  of the brand and the personality of the car’s owner. With the ongoing  expansion of its model program to include innovative vehicle concepts,  MINI has created more and more different ways of experiencing the  brand’s distinctive qualities.

    The classic MINI vehicle concept is defined by powerfully  expressive design combined with drive and suspension technology that  is geared towards enthralling agility. The same applies to the MINI  Clubman, which additionally offers extended space – a bonus that is  given especially marked emphasis in the MINI Clubvan, the first  premium transport vehicle in its class. As a purebred two-seater, the  MINI Coupé embodies a thoroughly sporty style. With the MINI  Convertible and the MINI Roadster, motorists are offered two ways of  enjoying the brand’s typical driving fun in an open-top premium small  car. And there are also two models now representing the brand’s  venture into a new market segment. The trailblazer here was the MINI  Countryman, the first model of the brand to be fitted with four doors,  a large tailgate and space for up to five occupants. As of this year,  this agile all-rounder is now joined by the MINI Paceman, the world’s  first ever Sports Activity Coupé in the premium compact segment. The  all-wheel drive system ALL4 specially developed for MINI is also  available for the MINI Countryman and the MINI Paceman. With supreme  traction and enhanced agility on bends, it adds yet another  distinctive touch to the authentic driving fun offered by MINI.