Mexico vs Cameroon


    Google have just updated their Google Doodle to a Mexico vs Cameroon google doodle. It looks like the doodles for the World Cup 2014 is going to be interactive and synchronize with the schedules of the World Cup 2014 which seems super cool. We still need to confirm it, but looks like when you visit google and there is currently a game being played the Google Doodle is going to provide a link to the specific search terms for the countries currently playing.


    In this case Mexico vs Cameroon and if you click on the Doodle it will take you to the current results for Mexico vs Cameroon. These search results have a special widget inside the actual search results providing stats about the team and the game, and also provides the current score without needing to visit a website to get the score. Some webmasters and News sites may complain about this feature but it is surely useful for people with only interest in the current search results for Mexico vs Cameroon and game stats.

    The Mexico vs Cameroon Google Doodle

    The Doodle is interactive and show a short animation to make it more interesting and relevant to Mexico vs Cameroon. The two ā€œOā€™sā€ in Google is turned into stick figures and dressed in the colors of Mexico and Cameroon. The Soccer ball is designed with the colors of Brazil making it very relevant to the game.

    The Mexico vs Cameroon Game

    Mexico won their first game of the World Cup, beating Cameroon 1-0 thanks to a goal from Oribe Peralta, and despite having two goals disallowed. If you want to stay up to date with the latest scores and games simply go to the Google homepage and click on the doodle for more information.