• 1.5 million visitors flock to the country’s premier free attraction
  • 200,000 drivers take to the new Brooklands handling circuits covering enough miles to drive 92 times around planet Earth
  • 140,000 conference and events guests since 2006
  • 90,000 kids take their first drive in a new Mercedes-Benz
  • 70,000 guests have enjoyed special motorsport events and concerts

Mercedes Benz

Five years ago today, on 26th October 2006, Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, officially opened Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands.  The opening marked a pioneering strategy that provided a live Mercedes-Benz experience to be experienced by everyone of all ages.

Throughout its first five years, Mercedes-Benz World has welcomed 1.5 million visitors that have been auto-tained by the past, present and future from the world’s top premium car maker, and the most valuable European car brand in the world – as identified by the 2011 Best Global Brands Study by Zintzmeyer and Lux.

Since opening its doors five years ago, the unique brand experience centre has continued to excite and touch the senses with an array of attractions and pulse-racing driving experiences available every day, bringing the awe-inspiring performance and iconic style of Mercedes-Benz to life.  There have also been numerous special events from the world of motorsport and music enjoyed by 70,000 guests, featuring Formula 1™ displays and heroes, and star performances from world class artists including Sir Elton John and Ellie Goulding,

As visitors approach the futuristic looking building on Brooklands Drive, the piéce de résistance for 200,000 drivers over the past five years is the purpose built handling circuits and specialist skid pans.  The number of miles covered on all driving experiences could circle the Earth 92 times.   Complete with sweeping corners and acceleration-punching straights to take the latest AMG performance cars to the limits, the circuits are a drivers’ dream.  And with the skid facilities drivers can develop drifting skills in an incredible experience.

But its not just the adults who have developed valuable driving skills at the brand centre.  90,000 kids driving experiences have also been delivered.  This has given youngsters over 1.5m tall the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a real Mercedes-Benz, both on the dedicated road skills area and in M-Class on the challenging Off-Road terrain… a truly memorable moment.

And looking ahead, even younger kids up to 1.3 metres tall and between the ages of three and seven years will have the chance drive.  Little Learners is the latest new attraction equipped with a specially developed indoor road course that gives kids the green light to take the wheel of miniature battery-powered versions of the highly desirable Mercedes-Benz SL and SLK roadsters.

The extensive Meetings and Events facilities have also seen huge success.  Over 140,000 people have experienced the highest standards offered with catering, the choice of unique and flexible spaces and the power of corporate driving experiences designed to reward and bring teams closer together.

Andrew Mallery, Commercial Operations Director commented: “The achievements so far have introduced 1.5 million people to Mercedes-Benz in a unique way, and brought an experiential aspect to the impressive heritage and exciting future.  We’re looking forward to the next five years and beyond with many more exciting developments that will start to take shape in the next few months to provide more for our visitors to explore and discover.”