Mercedes-Benz Vito 4×4

  • Compact, lightweight and efficient: the new Mercedes-Benz Vito is now also available as the Vito 4×4
  • Excellent traction, driving stability and braking performance thanks to ADAPTIVE ESP® and 4ETS
  • Powerful engine, low fuel consumption and low emissions
  • Low vehicle height of the Vito 4×4 enables it to enter most car parks and underground garages


Coinciding with the cold snap in Europe, Mercedes-Benz Vans is now also presenting the new Vito as the Mercedes-Benz Vito 4×4. It is available to order with immediate effect. The all-wheel drive van offers business professionals decisive extra traction in icy and snowy conditions and on building sites and unpaved roads. Further important advantages include its compact dimensions, good driving dynamics and manoeuvrability.

The new Vito 4×4 from Mercedes-Benz Vans concludes the introduction of the new Vito. It is the only mid-size van offering front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and now also permanent all-wheel drive.

Superior all-wheel drive technology with greatly improved efficiency

The drive technology of the Vito 4×4 is based on the Vito with rear-wheel drive, automatic transmission with torque converter and electronically controlled brake force distribution. In terms of technology, it is closely related to the all-wheel drives fitted in Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. In the transfer case the drive torque is directed to the axles by a central differential in a ratio of 45:55. The driving power is distributed by the well-proven 4ETS Electronic Traction System combined with the ESP and ASR dynamic handling control systems. If one or more wheels lose grip, 4ETS brakes them individually and directs the driving power to the wheels with good traction in a matter of milliseconds. In this way, 4ETS achieves the effect of three differential locks.

Like the Vito models already introduced, the new ATTENTION ASSIST and Crosswind Assist safety systems form part of the standard specification on the Vito 4×4.

The new Vito 4×4 is both powerful and economical

The new all-wheel drive van not only boasts superior performance on slippery surfaces or when towing a trailer, its engine performance is also impressive: as the 119 BlueTEC, the new Vito 4×4 is equipped with the most powerful engine available. The four-cylinder powerplant produces 140 kW (190 hp) from its 2.15-litre displacement while achieving a maximum torque of 440 Nm.

Thanks to SCR technology with AdBlue injection into the exhaust gas, the BlueTEC engine technology of the Vito 4×4 already complies with the future Euro 6 emissions standard. The engine power is transferred by the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission with torque converter, which is linked with an ECO start/stop function. The Vito 119 BlueTEC 4×4 reaches a top speed of 199 km/h. Nonetheless it boasts fuel consumption (NEDC combined) of just 6.4 l/100 km. This corresponds to 169 g/km CO2.

The compact and comparatively lightweight construction of the all-wheel drive and the omission of a conventional differential lock contribute to the low fuel consumption of the Vito 4×4. As a result, the Vito 4×4 only weighs around 50 kg more than the Vito with rear-wheel drive.

Fits in most garages thanks to the low vehicle height

The powertrain of the new Vito 4×4 has been designed to result in a height of just 1.91 m for the all-wheel drive van – i.e. no higher than the Vito with front or rear-wheel drive. This means that the Vito 4×4 can use most car parks and underground garages and therefore easily perform transport tasks in inner cities as well.

The new Vito 4×4 is available in Germany as a panel van, Mixto and Tourer in the body variants compact, long and extra long and with gross vehicle weights from 2.8 to 3.05 t. At the time of the start of sales, the 140 kW variant can be ordered as a Vito 119 BlueTEC 4×4 at a net price of €36,120. The other 100 kW and 120 kW engine variants will follow in the coming months.