Mercedes-Benz Trucks You Can Trust Journey Continues


Mercedes-Benz Trucks South Africa is making history today by venturing into unprecedented territory. Trucks You Can Trust (TYCT) is extraordinary because it is not a launch of a product, but a launch of a concept – A concept of trust!

Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Today they take the next step of our journey of the Mercedes-Benz promise in Parys small town in the Free State but with a lot of heritage. Parys sees a lot if trucks pass through and Mercedes-Benz South Africa a responsible corporate citizen also took the opportunity to give back to the community by hosting the event there.

The pledge of “Trucks you can trust” is derived from the high quality and excellence that is synonymous with the Mercedes-Benz brand. It is a source of motivation for all people employed by the Mercedes-Benz Trucks division worldwide. The accuracy of the claim is demonstrated day after day by the reliability and quality of the Mercedes-Benz trucks on the major truck routes of South Africa and many more around the world.

The promise is kept by the thousands of the Mercedes-Benz trucks on the road including Actros, Atego, Axor and the legendary Unimog. All these trucks continue to uphold the good reputation earned by Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles for a period that spans over a century of truck engineering.

“As a market leader, we are known as the innovators and we do not have the luxury of copying, and this is why we have TYCT. We are here not launching a tangible product but a concept. No other manufacturer has done what we are doing,” says Kobus van Zyl, MBSA vice president commercial vehicles.

Van Zyl elaborates that Mercedes-Benz trucks goes above and beyond expectations to keep on wowing customers. “We are in the business not only to sell trucks conventionally, but to delight customers. It is for that reason that TYCT will incite something from within and I guarantee you that there’s a business case for trust,” stated van Zyl.

It is not the first time for Mercedes-Benz trucks to define the next level, they created uptime and dwell time concepts, now standard and used by other manufacturers, also MB trucks is the first to bring Charterway and TruckStore