Mercedes-Benz South Africa – PremiumDrive offers further peace of mind


Mercedes-Benz South Africa has launched a new, simplified, and superior maintenance plan called PremiumDrive. This is a standard 100 000km/6 year maintenance plan without any customer contribution. PremiumDrive also holds exclusive additional benefits and extension plans. PremiumDrive is available to all Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, including Viano, registered from 01 January 2013.

Mercedes-Benz PremiumDrive

“With the latest PremiumDrive maintenance plan, we at Mercedes-Benz are committed to offering our discerning customers the “best-in-class” service offering in the industry, giving further peace of mind,” says Naeem Hassim, Vice President, AfterSales, Mercedes-Benz South Africa.

“Following extensive research and after undertaking various customer surveys and focus groups, we found that customer buying behaviour and trends had shifted and customers preferred to have full cover on their maintenance contract, than proportionate contributions,” adds Hassim.

Mercedes-Benz PremiumDrive Mobilo

The main product benefits of PremiumDrive are:

  • Best-in-class 100 000km or 6years maintenance plan (whichever comes first)
  • No customer contribution during this period

Additional benefits include:

  • Roadside Assistance: covering vehicles for breakdowns, towing recovery and immediate mobility
  • Touring Guarantee: covers for accommodation, public transport and vehicle repatriation as a result of vehicle breakdown in excess of 100km from vehicle’s licensing authority
  • Sign and Drive: providing additional assistance for emergencies such as a flat battery or damaged tyre

PremiumDrive Extension plans

Customers also have the opportunity to “tailor” the PremiumDrive offering to satisfy their individual motoring needs.

The following Top-Up plans will be available at an equitable cost from 1 February 2013:

  • PremiumDrive 100: 8 year 100 000km with zero customer contribution
  • PremiumDrive 140: 8 year 140 000km with zero customer contribution
  • PremiumDrive 160: 8 year 160 000km with zero customer contribution
  • PremiumDrive 180: 8 year 180 000km with zero customer contribution

An important point to be taken into consideration is that only one of the options above can be purchased in a vehicle’s lifetime.

Current MobiloDrive status

Existing customers who are on the standard MobiloDrive plan (Mobilo120), with under 60 000km can choose to convert to PremiumDrive with applicable additional costs, but also have the option to stay on their current MobiloDrive plan (conversions to PremiumDrive are available from 1 February 2013). All top-up versions for MobiloDrive will remain in place.

Customers with their vehicle’s mileage being over 60 000 km will stay on their current proficient MobiloDrive plan, with all included benefits as contained in the explicit updated brochure.

Customers who have the MobiloDrive 120 PLUS and 160 PLUS maintenance, are already on a proficient maintenance plan that is considered the “best in class”. These maintenance plans will remain unchanged. 

“Over the past months, intensive training of all the sales staff throughout the dealer network has been implemented, through dealer in-house and e-learning courses.  These sales staff are well versed to confidently take customers through our new offering,” adds Hassim.

To further serve the customer, Mercedes-Benz South Africa has also implemented a dedicated call centre to answer any customer queries. Customers with queries can contact us on our toll free number: 0800 1333 55 or e-mail us at:,” concludes Hassim.

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