Mercedes-Benz South Africa introduces Truck Mobility


In a constant pursuit of adding value to customers, Mercedes-Benz South Africa (MBSA) introduces TruckMobility, an innovative product offering that gives operators additional piece of mind for choosing Mercedes-Benz products.

Truck Mobility

Introduced in 2010, CharterWay is an offering that combines MBSA’s exceptional financial services and fleet management products, delivered through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, with affordable service and/or maintenance contracts. CharterWay can be customised to meet individual customer’s business needs.

Available to new or demo Mercedes-Benz Actros 6X4 truck tractor customers that have bought into a new CharterWay Service Complete package, TruckMobility guarantees customers that their vehicles will be repaired within two days following the report of a mechanical failure. In the event that the repairs take longer than two days, customers will either receive a replacement vehicle or be reimbursed R2 500 a day for a maximum of five days with a limit of R12 500 per instance.

“A notable benefit of TruckMobility is that it has the FleetBoard telematic tracking system bundled with a CharterWay service and maintenance package. FleetBoard has other benefits that include vehicle management system, a 30 second interval vehicle tracking, driver management, driver training and fleet reporting,” says Clinton Savage, Divisional Manager at Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

It is also worth mentioning that TruckMobility has a driver training component. The professional driver training TruckMobility offers teaches good driving behavior which not only results in a reduced risk of breakdowns, but also reduced fuel consumption. Good driving behavior has resulted in 5% and up to 15% fuel consumption reduction, which augurs well with MBSA’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of its products.

TruckMobility has the competitive edge as it enables operators to have a professionally and regularly maintained fleet of vehicles that will retain the highest level of reliability.