Mercedes-Benz SLK Communication and entertainment


A mood-maker and constant helper

A radio and other entertainment media are a matter of course in today’s vehicles, electronic navigation systems have meanwhile almost as common, and it must be possible to integrate a mobile phone easily into the onboard network.

To meet these requirements in the best possible way, Mercedes-Benz has equipped the new SLK with latest-generation telematics. The top-of-the-range COMAND Online is even internet-capable, and enables the driver to enjoy the benefits of the World Wide Web in the car.

The high performance of the head units available is immediately apparent from the large colour display. This monitor is positioned in the upper section of the centre console, so that the driver is able to see the information provided without taking his eyes fully off the road. It can also be easily viewed by the passenger.

All the head units also share a common control unit known as the “controller”. In the interests of relaxed and ergonomical operation, it is located within easy reach in front of the centre armrest. This extremely sophisticated, metal rotary/pressure control can be moved in eight directions, and can also activate or confirm additional functions by rotating or pressing it. Navigating through the main menus and sub-menus is effortless and easy, and thanks to new, user-friendly logic the system is quickly and intuitively mastered.

Head units available for the new SLK

  • Audio 20 CD,
  • COMAND Online.

The head units are connected to eight loudspeakers and feature speed-sensitive volume control from 20 km/h, which increases the radio volume with the vehicle speed. All the units are also protected against theft by electronic assignment to the specific vehicle.

Audio 20 CD

The basic Audio 20 CD radio is combined with a large TFT colour display with a screen diagonal of 14.7 centimetres and a resolution of 400 x 240 pixels as a head unit. Audio 20 features

  • integrated FM twin tuner,
  • audio amplifier with 4×25 watts,
  • MP3-capable, CD player with 6-disc CD changer and
  • AUX connection in the glove compartment, as well as
  • a Bluetooth interface for hands-free telephoning.

COMAND Online – onboard internet access

On request Mercedes-Benz will equip the new SLK with a COMAND Online head unit using the voice-operated control system LINGUATRONIC. The control and information interface for this unit is a high-resolution TFT colour display with a 17.8 cm screen diagonal capable of representing 800 x 480 pixels. COMAND Online is also equipped with the following features:

  • internet browser,
  • FM radio twin tuner with additional RDS/TMC tuner for traffic information,
  • audio signal amplifier 4 x 25 W,
  • DVD player for audio and video (optionally also with 6-disc DVD changer),
  • integrated navigation system with map display (including birdview,
    3D map and 3D landmarks),
  • integrated hard disc for navigation data and additional functions
    (e.g. music server); this means that the DVD player is available
    to play music during a journey,
  • SD card slot.

The voice-operated control system LINGUATRONIC enables all town and street names to be input into the navigation system by voice command. The audio systems can also be voice-controlled, and the global address book accessed. LINGUATRONIC recognises commands without prior training, and these can be entered by any speaker. The system prompts the user to repeat the process if it detects an error or fails to recognise a command.

Naturally the COMAND Online system can also be combined with the convenience telephony function.

Sound system – striking the right note

Customers who attach importance to a quality of sound approaching concert-hall standards in the SLK are able to choose the optional Harman/Kardon® surround sound system for either Audio 20 CD or COMAND Online. This features an additional MOST amplifier with DSP and an output of 10 x 50 watts plus eleven high-quality, high-performance loudspeakers. All the amplifier channels of the sound system are equipped with frequency compensation individually suited to the vehicle acoustics. Bass, treble, volume, balance
and fader can be individually adjusted.

Aerials – first-class reception

The radio reception aerials are integrated into the windscreen, with their aerial amplifiers in the A-pillar area. A so-called phase diversity function obtains the maximum reception strength from both aerial signals. To this end it mainly reduces interference caused by multi-channel reception (interference due to reflections). The maximum specifications include:

  • two FM aerials in the windscreen for the diversity functionality,
  • an AM aerial in the rear window or parcel shelf/roof compartment cover,
  • an aerial for the telephone/GPS and DAB L-band (digital radio)

Telephony – reachable at any time

Both the Audio 20 CD radio and the COMAND Online system have an integrated hands-free system for mobile phones using a Bluetooth interface. Even in the basic telephony version, the hands-free system can be operated via the multifunction steering wheel and the keys on the head unit. Bluetooth can also be used to transfer contact data from a mobile phone to the head unit. SMS messages can also be downloaded if the mobile phone supports MAP (Message Access Profile).

A convenience telephony function is also available as an optional extra, and this can likewise be combined with all available head units. It consists of a phone cradle for the centre console with a phone charging function, and uses the vehicle aerial via a serial interface. A cradle suitable for the relevant phone model is separately available as a Mercedes-Benz accessory