Mercedes-Benz launches campaign for its dream cars


Mercedes-Benz Dream cars“Mercedes-Benz dream cars” is a combined concept for the Stuttgart-based manufacturer’s sales and marketing activities around its coupé, cabrio and roadster model series. The campaign is currently being rolled out in its core markets. The dream cars include the new E-Class coupe and cabrio models, the SLK and SL sports cars, the CL as well as the CLS and the CLS Shooting Brake. Selected young classics such as the SL Pagoda round off the portfolio.

“We have always made automotive dreams come true. ‘Mercedes-Benz dream cars’ is intended to underline this as a new umbrella term,” says Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Executive Vice President Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales and Marketing. “Those models in particular are what make the Mercedes-Benz brand so exciting.”

Approximately 133,000 of these dream cars were sold worldwide in 2012. The aim is to increase model sales further during 2013. The E-Class cabrio and coupe are set to play an important role when they take to Europe’s roads from 1 June 2013 onwards.

Adaptable communication activities around the globe

Advertising and marketing tools featuring a standard design, and which can be used in various different ways worldwide, are to be stepped up. Markets will have access to a “dream car toolbox” containing print visuals and moving image material. There are also dealer communication modules and event guidelines to assist dealers in implementing point-of-sale events. This gives all markets the flexibility to respond to their specific target audience. In Germany, the print ads will run from mid-May 2013. A concurrent radio campaign starring the E-Class cabrio and coupe will invite listeners to “dream car weeks”. Special formats like the 2014 Mercedes-Benz calendar will also be entirely dedicated to the dream car theme. Long-term, this extensive package of activities will not only ensure that the dream cars fully live up to driver expectations, but also contribute to the Mercedes-Benz 2020 growth strategy.

Rising demand for Mercedes-Benz dream cars

In Germany, the E-Class coupe and cabrio have proved to be the most popular vehicles in their segments for the third time in succession. Demand in the UK and the United States – the biggest sales market – is even greater than in the home German market. Worldwide, some 75,000 customers have opted for an E-Class cabrio since the market launch of the current model series in 2010. Meanwhile, more than 132,000 units of the coupe version have been sold since it was unveiled in 2009. The majority of both cabrio and coupe customers select a paint finish in obsidian black. Diamond white metallic is the second most popular colour. When it comes to optional extras, customers value entertainment and comfort above all: around two-thirds of customers choose the COMAND multimedia system and more than four-fifths order AIRSCARF neck-level heating for their E-Class cabrio.

In the roadster segment the Mercedes-Benz SLK was the global segment leader last year, with 31,800 new cars sold. Most SLKs in 2012 went to owners in Germany, followed by the UK and the United States. Besides the PARKTRONIC system ordered by 90 percent of customers, the most popular extra equipment include AIRSCARF neck-level heating and a navigation and entertainment system. Furthermore, over four-fifths of SLK buyers opted for leather equipment in black. The top paint colour choices for the SLK are tenorite grey, palladium silver and iridium silver.

Now in its sixth generation, the iconic Mercedes-Benz SL sports car continues to be as popular as ever. From the current model series 10,700 units were sold in 2012, three times as many as in the previous year. The SL’s history dates back 60 years to the 300 SL racing sports car of 1952. Today, one in every two SL models goes to an owner in the United States. Germany and Japan are other major sales markets. Proving that no other vehicle in its class unites sportiness and comfort like the SL, the vehicle has won a 2012 “Automotive Brand Award” for its outstanding design. The highest of accolades for vehicle body construction was also received in 2012 in the shape of the “EuroCarBody Award”.

The unique concept behind the CLS Shooting Brake last year saw Mercedes-Benz establishing an entirely new segment. In terms of design idiom and equipment, this model fulfils every customer requirement. An American cherry wood load compartment floor, for example, helps to create an exclusive yachting ambience. In February, the CLS Shooting Brake was awarded the 2013 Design Trophy in the Estate Class category for its exciting design. The jury also voted it the most beautiful car of all and therefore the overall champion. Just under 37,000 units of the CLS and CLS Shooting Brake were delivered to customers in 2012, making it number one in its competitive class. Since the CLS debuted in 2003, over 240,000 of the vehicle have been sold.