Mercedes Benz Google Play: The Games people play


The games people play: Take a journey with Mercedes-Benz and Augmented Reality and win great prizes

Mercedes Benz Google Play

Mercedes-Benz is taking customer centricity to even higher levels of fun with a new and exciting game – Activate-A!  This latest Augmented Reality (AR) application can be downloaded by users of the latest Android and Apple devices. The game – Activate A – will be played in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, starting on 4 February and will run until 17 March 2013.

“The aim of the game is to ultimately experience the luxury of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class through various fun and exciting challenges, whilst experiencing their local city in a new and interesting way,” says Selvin Govender, Divisional Manager, Marketing: Mercedes-Benz Cars.

Activate-A is a precursor to the launch of the new and exciting

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

. It will allow users to experience the vehicle in AR, providing both a brief overview of the car itself and a gateway into the interactive world of Augmented Reality.

“The new A-Class is yet another innovative vehicle from Mercedes-Benz. Its technological features make it the perfect match for the Augmented Reality experience, which is relatively new to the South African market,” says Govender.

In its simplest form, Augmented Reality is putting information over the real world via a digital device, which is becoming easier to do with the increasingly advanced level of technological sophistication in our mobile devices.

Users can download the app via a trigger which will be disseminated through a combination of social media, online media sites and printed sources. The app gives users access to six weekly challenges, commencing on 4 February, upon the completion of a countdown timer. The app will be available for download in the week before the game starts.

When the app is downloaded and used to view the trigger, the AR viewer will initially show the countdown timer. Once the game is in play, viewing the trigger will play the sound of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class engine revving – start your engines…

The interactions with Augmented Reality will be dotted throughout the weeks of the challenges and, once the user gains access to an interaction, it will be in their “library” to play around with and share with the friends or via social media.

When the game begins, users will gain access to a list of four challenges in their specified city – Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban. These challenges are themed by week and will be replaced with four all-new challenges every week for a period of six weeks.

The theme of Week One is “exploring your city”, with all of the selected locations being hot and happening spots dotted around the city centre and surrounding suburbs. For example, in Jozi, the user will see “Heart of the city”; “Food Glorious Food”; “Culture Vulture”; and “All Nighter”.

The idea is to entice users to visit hot spots at their leisure and when they are in the vicinity.  They are not expected to race to a specific destination upon receiving the instruction; instead, they will be alerted when they are already in their favourite hotspots, and recommendations of other spots they might enjoy whilst in the same area.

Each challenge is made up of an average of four tasks or locations. When the user checks in to a “task”, they will either do so just with GPS location, or GPS and an AR trigger. Every time the user checks in, they will earn a predetermined amount of points. If they share that interaction with the app on Facebook or Twitter within the first hour of check-in, they will gain bonus points. If they complete all four tasks in the challenge within that week, they will receive completion bonus points. The challenges expire after a week, and once completed, the participants’ points will be logged accordingly on a leaderboard per city. That way, players will be able to see how many challenges are still required for them to complete and gain the top spots.

To ensure that late adopters still have a chance to catch up, the allotted points will be increased every week.

In the final week of the game, the week of March 10, the winners of the top set in the rankings will be announced.  They will participate in the final four challenges to find the top performer per city. All the finalist’s points will be verified by an independent auditor.

Prizes include VIP tickets to attend the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week events, as well as the main prizes of a weekend away to a luxurious hotel in one of the three participating cities.

“During February and March, our Mercedes-Benz social media space of Facebook and Twitter will be abuzz with regular updates and snippets of this exciting game – Activate-A,” concludes Govender.