Mercedes-Benz Econic – IFAT 2014


Driver-friendly with low-entry conceptThe Mercedes-Benz Econic has long been established as a standard vehicle for many tasks in the area of public services, collection and distribution operations. Thanks to its tailor-made design featuring an ergonomic low-entry cab, the chassis with full air suspension and the automatic transmission, the Econic combines the high transport capacity of a truck with the compact agility of a van and the ergonomics of a low-floor vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Econic 2014

In addition to the environment-friendly and high-performance Euro VI engines, the new Econic from the Special Trucks division features a number of innovations which will be immediately recognisabe to professionals. The Alu-Space-Cage cab serves as an innovative control centre, for example: produced in a lightweight aluminium design, it combines low weight with a high level of safety. The high variant of the cab offers great freedom of movement thanks to side headroom in the standard cab of 193 cm and plenty of space for the members of the team. The low cab with side headroom of 146 cm is suitable for inner-city operations involving zones with low overhead clearance.

Intuitively designed interior

The cab’s interior has been upgraded and laid out according to practical requirements. The instruments, the steering wheel with multifunction keys feature new, intuitive designs and the seats are arranged according to practical considerations. The powerful premium engine brake is activated simply using the right-hand steering-column lever. The instrument cluster is also new. It presents all important items of vehicle-related information on a state-of-the-art TFT display.

The new low-entry vehicle from Daimler represents a well-considered further development of a unique concept for the practical requirements of tough everyday operations in public service and consolidation operations. The innovative concept provides for fast and safe boarding and alighting and for efficient work processes.

Tailor-made vehicle variants

The Econic is available in the configurations 4×2, 6×4 and 6×2/4 with electrohydraulically and progressively steered trailing and leading axle in permissible gross weight ratings of 18 and 26 tonnes. Customised vehicle variants are also optionally available. The two- and three-axle vehicles are available with different wheelbases – from compact and agile at 3450 mm to as long as 5700 mm.

Two six-cylinder engines from the OM 936 LA series are used for the Econic, with output ratings of 220 kW (299 hp) and 260 kW (354 hp) at a displacement of 7.7 l. In addition to exhaust-gas recirculation inside the engine, emission control takes place by means of the closed particulate filter, AdBlue injection and SCR catalytic converter. The BlueTec 6 filter systems installed in an exhaust box are controlled by an electronic system which controls treatment of the exhaust gases according to the prevailing needs by reference to a large number of engine-related and operational parameters.

Stop-and-go traffic plays a major role in the daily operations of Econic users in the public service sector and also poses a special challenge for engines and transmissions. The six-speed automatic transmission from Allison proves effective in the frequent stopping and starting cycles involved in disposal services, for example.

Mercedes-Benz Econic IFAT 2014

High economic efficiency – ideal visibility

The economic efficiency of the new Econic has been further improved while maintaining the same payload level by lowering fuel consumption by up to four percent and reducing repair and maintenance costs.
Central elements of the safety concept – such as low and convenient entry and exit, the air suspension which is beneficial to the occupants’ health, the large panoramic windscreen in conjunction with the mirror system and the fully glazed electropneumatic folding door on the side facing away from the traffic – contribute to the safety of driver and co-driver as well as other road users.
Public service vehicle solutions for the Mercedes-Benz Econic

The new Econic commonly serves bodybuilder partners from the public service sector as a basis for waste disposal and sweeping vehicles. Uniform hole patterns and a movable end cross member together with a rearrangement of the assemblies behind the cab provide for enhanced body mounting ability and offer increased implement mounting space.

At IFAT 2014 Daimler will be showing the chassis of the Econic 2635 L with a 9 t trailing axe and two rear loader configurations. The three-axle Econic 2630 L will be on show with the M 23 x2E rear loader from Zöller-Kipper. The waste collection body with a volume of 23 m³ is equipped with a continuously / discontinuously operating conveyor and compacting system. In combination with a corresponding dumper, all standard DIN containers can be emptied in disposal operations for domestic and industrial waste. The two-axle Econic 1830 L is another rear loader solution which is available from Hüffermann in cooperation with the renowned Närpes Trä & Metall (NTM) company.