Mercedes-Benz ConceptIAA – Automotive future meets art

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Stuttgart/Frankfurt. Sarah Illenberger has drawn attention to the Mercedes‑Benz F015 Luxury in Motion by producing five spectacular installations. To do this, the renowned artist had to work between the poles of technological future and artistic handiwork. With these installations, Illenberger has translated the fascinating features of the F015 into an expressive pictorial world that brings the observer closer to the Mercedes‑Benz vision of autonomous driving.

The subjects take the leap into the new era of driving, rendering the associated changes touchable and comprehensible. This process sees automotive engineering and design achievements becoming art in the best sense of the word.

“The artisanal design of the sets makes the still abstract, pioneering technology of autonomous driving approachable,” states Sarah Illenberger by way of elucidating her work. With Illenberger, the project has gained a renowned artist and designer who develops visual ideas and concepts for editorial offices and independent promotional productions. Her pieces, finished by hand with great attention to detail, bridge the gap between art and design. Photography and humour are important components of her work. Illenberger’s artistic productions have already featured in international magazines such as Style & The Family Tunes, Sleek, Vanity Fair and the New York Times Magazine. Galleries in Berlin, Paris and Tokyo have exhibited her pieces. She works mostly with sustainable materials such as paper, wood or wool.

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Mercedes-Benz ConceptIAA

With Illenberger’s artwork, Mercedes-Benz is compiling a supplement dealing with the topic of autonomous driving for inclusion in German national daily newspapers. In this way, the brand is raising the profile of its automotive visions against the backdrop of the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. Using the example of the visionary F015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle, presented at the CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, the brand is providing a comprehensive outlook on the future of mobility and showing how autonomous driving will change society. With this autonomous luxury saloon, Mercedes-Benz impressively demonstrates how the car can be transformed from a pure means of transport into a private retreat. The exceptionally spacious lounge-like interior of the F015 allows the occupants to make optimum use of the journey time and takes in-car comfort and luxury to a new level. One key aspect of the research vehicle is the continuous exchange of information between vehicle, passengers and the outside world.

Mercedes’ new creative agency antoni is responsible for project concept and realisation for the first time.

antoni responsibilities:

Martin Pross (Creation Manager), Matthias Schmidt (Creation Manager), Damon Aval (Senior Art Director), Judith Preker (Senior Copywriter), Julian Sonntag (Junior Copyrighter), Sophie Hansen (Consultant), Benjamin Baumann (Consultant), Tilman Gossner (CD Art), Mark Taylor (Junior Art Director), Vladislav Bejder (Production Manager).

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