Mercedes-Benz Car Accident Johannesburg South Africa


Mercedes-Benz Car Accident

Yesterday were one of those days again here at 3D Car Shows. My Fiance Ronel Jordaan were driving home after work when a Toyota Land Cruiser crashed into the back of her Mercedes-Benz C200 causing a multiple accident involving 6 cars. You might remember that she was also in a rear end car accident in December 2012 when she was hospitalized for 5 days. A BMW drove into her

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

rear and caused plenty of damage to both cars.

Car Accident

Drunk Driver Accident Hendrik Potgieter Road, Johannesburg, South Africa

According to the Police who visited the accident scene we can only speculate at the moment if the driver in the Toyota Land Cruiser was drunk or not, but the driver showed some very suspicious behavior on the scene. Ronel’s car was badly damaged both at the rear end and the front end as she took most of the force from the accident.

She immediately got out of the car to see if anyone was injured, and people in the cars in front also hurriedly went to the back of the accident to see what caused the accident and if anybody was injured. They helped Ronel and she noticed that the driver of the Toyota Land Cruiser were just sitting in his car, and that he didn’t get out of the car and she wondered if he may be seriously injured. She then asked one of the other drivers in the accident to go and check up on the driver.

The lady went to the Toyota Land Cruiser to check up on the driver, only to find out that he was stinking of alcohol. She confronted him about it, and he only replied that he was eating a pie, and that’s it. Throughout the whole incident everybody involved, the ER Medical Ambulance service, the Tow Truck personnel and Johannesburg Metro Police were very helpful and assisting each other. This guy the alleged drunk refused to speak to anyone and were not willing to exchange personal details or insurance details with anyone who were on the scene.

He sat in his Toyota Land Cruiser and were on the phone with someone, minutes later an attorney arrived on the scene, and we were told that he is a friend of the Toyota Land Cruiser driver and that he is going to take the driver home, or to hospital. In the meantime the ER Ambulance services already took Ronel to the nearest hospital.

The Tow Truck drivers and others involved in the accident insisted that the driver of the Toyota Land Cruiser stay on the scene until the Police arrives. Finally the South African Johannesburg Metro Police arrived and took control of the accident scene. The Toyota Land Cruiser driver were placed under arrest and were taken to the nearest police station for an alcohol blood test and we will later indeed know if he was dunk and over the alcohol limit, but if his blood tested like he smelled, the Police will likely though away the key to his prison cell or at least that is what everyone involved in the accident hope for.

Accident Johannesburg South-Africa

Mercedes-Benz Car Safety Features

Thanks to God and the guardian Angels watching over Ronel she only suffered minor injuries and at this stage it does not seem like there are any serious injuries. The Mercedes-Benz Ronel was driving looks like it is going to be a write-off, but I am once again impressed by the way the Mercedes-Benz C 200 handled the accident. All the built in Pre-Safe Mercedes-Benz accident systems kicked in and the car prepared itself for the accident and protected the cabin of the car preventing any serious damage to its passengers.

Mercedes-Benz Car Accident

The windows also opened after the accidents, the doors unlocked and the safety lights were on.  The cars crumble zone took most of the impact away from Ronel and were partly responsible for her only suffering minor injuries.