Mercedes-Benz Buses at the Busworld Kortrijk 2015


Daimler Buses at the Busworld Kortrijk: Premieres in the area of engines, safety, passenger comfort and services

  • Mercedes-Benz: world premiere of the Citaro NGT, two anniversaries
  • Setra: further enhanced comfort, safety and efficiency
  • The latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz OM 471 engine in buses and coaches
  • Omniplus: services now also performed at the customer’s workshop
  • BusStore: new BusStore app, website in 18 languages
  • FleetBoard: saving money with new telematics solutions
  • Mercedes-Benz Powertrain at Busworld in Kortrijk

Clean, strong and safe as never before, more efficient and comfortable than ever: companies, drivers and passengers all benefit from the host of premieres of the two leading bus and coach brands Mercedes-Benz and Setra at the Busworld Kortrijk 2015. There are also new attractive services from the Omniplus service brand, the FleetBoard telematics system and the selection of pre-owned vehicles from BusStore.

Joint show stand, separate presentation: Mercedes-Benz and Setra

The Belgian city of Kortrijk will be the epicentre of the bus world from 16 to 21 October 2015. More than 30,000 business insiders are expected to visit the Busworld Kortrijk trade fair. Mercedes-Benz and Setra will have separate presentations on the joint stand of Daimler Buses that covers an area of 2600 square metres. The service brands Omniplus, FleetBoard and BusStore serve as the link that ties them together. Daimler Buses presents an unrivalled full-service product range with two leading brands, new buses from a minibus to a double-decker bus, and a host of services.

Mercedes-Benz: world premiere of the Citaro NGT, two anniversaries

Curtain call for the Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT with natural gas drive. It impresses with its quiet running and reduced CO2 emissions – both are crucial advantages in the heavy traffic of city centres. Practical people will be convinced furthermore by the Citaro NGT’s low weight and a correspondingly large number of passenger seats, the engine’s strong performance, low fuel consumption and extended maintenance intervals. The new M 936 natural gas engine has a displacement of 7.7 l and is rated at 222 kW (302 hp).

Mercedes-Benz offers the new powertrain variant as a Citaro NGT solo bus and as a Citaro G NGT articulated bus. The best-seller among urban buses once again sets the benchmark for efficient powertrain technology with its high-tech gas bottles made of composite material and its state-of-the-art engine The vehicle on display also surprises with the new optional LED main headlamps – another industry first.

The touring coaches bearing the three-pointed star are coming up on significant anniversaries: at the Busworld Kortrijk, both the 10,000th Mercedes-Benz Travego as well as the 10,000th Tourismo of the second generation will be on display. This is evidence of the great popularity of both model series. Mercedes-Benz does not rest on these laurels and provides the appropriate proof with the new top-of-the-line engine for the Travego, the latest generation of the OM 471 in-line six-cylinder engine. It makes the Travego even more economically efficient and at the same time more powerful. The optional, two-way adjustable luxury head restraints are new in the passenger compartment of the Travego and Tourismo.

With the economical Intouro intercity bus and the Sprinter City 65 packed with extensive infotainment equipment, Mercedes-Benz furthermore shows two very different variants for highly efficient and attractive regular service.

Setra: further enhanced comfort, safety and efficiency

Setra underscores its wide variety of products at the Busworld Kortrijk with four vehicles ranging from a functional low-entry bus for intercity transport and premium touring coaches to the fascinating versatile double-decker bus. In the super-high-decker Setra S 516 HDH of the top-of-the-range TopClass 500 model series on display, the new optional height-adjustable luxury head restraints with adjustable side bolsters highlight the classic Setra topic of passenger comfort. The “Composition” seat covers, a new material made of leather fibres, combine comfort and functionality. It is durable, hard-wearing and easy to clean. As a result, the new seat cover material is even superior to natural leather.

The Setra TopClass 500 and ComfortClass 500 are now optionally available with LED main headlamps – a premiere for even more safety and economic efficiency. Their cone of light is defined with particular precision. The colour temperature approximates that of daylight and reduces eye strain for the driver. LED lamps reduce power consumption and last for about the service life of the vehicle.

The three-axle Setra touring coaches now benefit from the latest iteration of the Mercedes-Benz OM 471 in-line six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 12.8 l. It is optionally available for the three-axle vehicles of the ComfortClass 500 and is rated at 350 kW (476 hp). This output stage is even standard in the Setra TopClass 500 top-of-the-range model series. A power output of 375 kW (510 hp) is available for this model series. It is standard equipment on the Setra S 431 DT double-decker coach.

Setra continues the tradition of the club bus with the S 511 HD. Sixty years after the world premiere of the legendary S 6, Setra presents the S 511 HD with a length of 10.5 m, exclusive appointments and face-to-face seating.

The S 415 LE business is a textbook example of comfortable and economical intercity transport. It combines a low-floor design at the front with a high-floor design at the rear. Introduced just one year ago, the model series has been received so well that Setra announced an expansion. The S 418 LE business for high-traffic intercity routes has room for 61 passengers and is a true seating giant.

The latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz OM 471 engine in buses and coaches

The three-axle premium touring coaches from Mercedes-Benz and Setra are now even more dynamic and economical: they further expand their lead in efficiency with the new generation of the Mercedes-Benz OM 471 heavy-duty engine. Fuel expenses drop by up to four percent while the driving dynamics are further enhanced.

Depending on the brand and the model series, the engines come standard or optionally with power outputs of 350 kW (476 hp) or 375 kW (510 hp). A maximum injection pressure of up to 2700 bar, an increased compression ratio, the new geometry of the piston bowl, a new turbocharger manufactured in-house and a patented control of the exhaust gas recirculation system increase the efficiency.

While the peak figures remain unchanged, this results in considerably increased output and torque in the lowest engine rev range and thereby in new characteristics of the in-line six-cylinder engine with a displacement of 12.8 l.

Omniplus: services now also performed at the customer’s workshop

The Omniplus service brand presents new service options at the Busworld Kortrijk. Bus depot management is directed at bus fleets: Authorised service outlets perform services at the customer’s workshop. Depending on the contract arrangements, this includes regular maintenance and repairs or even work on paint finishes and bodywork on site at the depot.

Bus depot management ensures optimal care and high vehicle availability. From the vehicle to the services, the operator gets everything from a single source and is consequently able to reduce annual fleet expenses by up to ten percent.

BusStore: new BusStore app, website in 18 languages

BusStore, the new pre-owned bus brand of Daimler Buses, has established itself as the number one in the industry in Europe. BusStore buys, reconditions and sells buses from Mercedes-Benz and Setra as well as third-party marques and has 17 locations throughout Europe.

The BusStore app is a new feature. It provides interested parties with direct access to the website offering Europe’s largest selection of used buses and coaches from anywhere and at any time. The clearly arranged and logically designed website at is now available in 18 languages and consequently covers all of Europe.

FleetBoard: saving money with new telematics solutions

FleetBoard supports fleet management and helps to save money with bus-specific telematics solutions. FleetBoard records trips, documents driving styles, analyses driver cards and makes it possible to determine the position of all buses in the fleet at any time. This creates maximum transparency.

The bus app now lets users who want to monitor their buses while away from the office retrieve the most important data. FleetBoard Messaging for buses allows drivers and companies to exchange messages, receive geocoded addresses and get navigation instructions straight to the destination. Moreover, the expected time of arrival is determined and communicated to the head office. For vehicles equipped with the B2E electronics structure from Mercedes-Benz and Setra, FleetBoard is able to display the frequency of use of the Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) cruise control system, the consumption and fill level of AdBlue as well as the tyre pressure.

Mercedes-Benz Powertrain at Busworld in Kortrijk

For the first time, Mercedes-Benz Powertrain is also represented at the Busworld show in Kortrijk, in Hall 8, presenting its current product portfolio on its own stand as a manufacturer of drive units. Mercedes-Benz Powertrain particularly excels with its outstanding systems expertise in all aspects of commercial vehicle powertrain technology, and with its worldwide after-sales network. With its presence at the Kortrijk show Mercedes-Benz Powertrain is also specifically targeting vehicle manufacturers, presenting the latest drive technologies for customer-specific applications. This allows market and customer segments to be addressed which Daimler Buses is presently unable to reach with its own complete vehicles and chassis. Two Euro VI engines from the medium and heavy Mercedes-Benz engine generation, the fully automated Mercedes PowerShift GO 250-8 eight-speed transmission and the weight-reduced HL6 formed axle are being presented on a stand area of approx. 70 sq. m. in Hall 8.