Mercedes-Benz Atego – IFAT 2014


The agile all-rounderThe new Mercedes-Benz Atego seamlessly continues the successful career of this light- and medium-duty truck series as the European market leader in its segment. Superlative fuel efficiency from the BlueEfficiency Power in-line engines covering an output range from 115 kW (156 hp) to 220 kW (299 hp), new automated Mercedes PowerShift 3 transmissions throughout all output classes and a fully revamped and optimised vehicle concept make the Atego the benchmark in public-service operations, too.


The reduction in fuel consumption by up to five percent in comparison to its predecessor represents a substantial advantage for the user.

Driving stability and comfort

Extensive development work on the chassis, steering and suspension has realised the ambitious aim of leading the light-duty truck category in terms of handling characteristics, too. In unladen state or at the maximum permissible gross vehicle weight, the suspension offers the ultimate in driving dynamics, safety and comfort. The Atego’s compact dimensions and high agility mean that it is able to negotiate narrow alleys and backyards without any problem.


42 different model variants are available in all, covering a broad range of wheelbases, three cab lengths and all-wheel-drive versions. Developed specifically to meet the requirements of light-duty distribution operations, the new cab bears up to comparison with cabs for heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz trucks in terms of design, quality, equipment and appointments.
The Euro VI Atego models with permanent or manually selectable all-wheel drive are ideal for operations requiring high levels of traction in public service and off-road scenarios.
Public service vehicle solutions for the Mercedes-Benz Atego

Daimler will be presenting two orange-coloured sweeper configurations at IFAT 2014 to demonstrate how the bodybuilder-friendly and agile Atego shapes up in road maintenance operations. The Atego 1321 LKO is fitted with the CityFant (CF) 6000 dual sweeper from Bucher-Schörling, while an Atego 1323 LKO will be on show with the Viajet 6 R/H sweeper from Faun. Special features of the CityFant large sweeper are the two-sided collector for sweepings, the high power coupled with low noise and the camera system incorporating two colour cameras. The Faun exhibit takes the form of a sweeper body with a collecting device for sweepings on the right-hand side of the vehicle. The Faun air recirculation system offers high suction power and is low on emissions, quiet and energy-efficient.