Mercedes-Benz 2012 Awards


“2012 Green GOOD DESIGN” award and “Automotive Brand Award 2012”: Mercedes-Benz and smart pick up a string of high-class design awards

Mercedes Benz BIOME

Stuttgart – Mercedes-Benz and smart build the most exciting vehicles: this is the conclusion suggested by the results of the latest design competitions. With the “2012 Green GOOD DESIGN” award, the “Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design” has paid tribute to the one-off Mercedes-Benz BIOME and smart forvision vehicles, as well as the smart ebike.

The jury praised the exceptionally environmentally-friendly and sustainable designs of these vehicles in particular. In the “Automotive Brand Contest 2012” meanwhile – held by the German Design Council – Mercedes-Benz has made it onto the list of winners no less than 16 times.

Hundreds of products from numerous countries were put to the vote for the “2012 Green GOOD DESIGN” award. A jury comprising some of the world’s leading design experts crowned the one-off Mercedes-Benz Biome and smart forvision vehicles as winners, along with the smart ebike, awarding them the internationally renowned prize – ranked among the oldest and most famous awards for designers. In addition to their design, the vehicles were primarily assessed in terms of such criteria as energy efficiency, recycling and sustainability.

Mercedes-Benz BIOME grows organically

The one-off Mercedes-Benz BIOME concept is the revolutionary vision of a vehicle which, taking its inspiration from nature, is fully integrated into the ecosystem, from the moment of its creation right through to the end of its service life. The Mercedes-Benz BIOME grows in a completely organic environment from seeds grown in a nursery. Out on the road the car emits pure oxygen, and at the end of its lifespan it can be simply composted or used as building material smart forvision stands for energy efficiency

The smart forvision is also a one-off vehicle concept which combines a futuristic design with technologies relating to energy efficiency, lightweight design and temperature management. One particular eye-catching feature is its roof made of transparent organic solar cells. It allows light to pass through and at the same time generates energy which is used to power the multimedia components as well as the fans which assist with climate management in the vehicle interior.


smart ebike – unconventional, high-performance “pedelec”

The smart ebike boasts an unconventional design in line with the style of the popular brand as well as functions appropriate for city use. These come courtesy of high-quality components such as the hydraulic disc brakes, LED light with daytime driving light function and also an exceptionally high-performance drive system with a completely maintenance and oil-free carbon toothed belt. For infotainment there is also a USB connection. The smart ebike is already available, with prices in Germany starting at 2849 euros (including VAT).

smart forvision

Automotive Brand Award 2012

The international expert jury of the German Design Council was faced with selecting the winners of the “Automotive Brand Award 2012” from among no less than 350 submitted suggestions. The Mercedes-Benz brand fared particularly well, with its products making it onto the list of winners no less than 16 times. A particular highlight picked out as the “Best of the Best” was the near-series one-off Concept Style Coupé vehicle. It provides a glimpse of the next member of the new compact car family from Mercedes-Benz. The four-door style rebel “sets the benchmark for avantgarde design in the executive segment”, according to Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes-Benz Cars. “Its breathtaking proportions, sinewy fluid surfaces and sculptural lines are the physical expression of our dynamic design idiom.”

Other awards for excellent design were also picked up for both the exterior and interior of the new A-Class, the SL-Class, the CLS Shooting Brake and the interior of the B-Class. The German Design Council also crowned a number of concept vehicles as winners, including the Mercedes-Benz F125, smart for-us, smart forvision and the standard version of the smart ebike.

Worthy of a special mention by the design experts were the innovative headlamps of the Concept Style Coupé. They are reminiscent of the ever wary, almost intimidating eyes of a predatory animal. In standby mode they shine red. The indicators are another special feature: when activated, the individual elements light up one after another in a “Mexican wave” effect.

Additional innovations from Mercedes-Benz which collected awards include the DICE sculpture, the Digital Drive Style app and the Mercedes-Benz diamond grille:

  • the DICE (Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience) sculpture provides a vision of the interactive, intuitive and at the same time safe operating experience in premium automobiles of the future
  • the Digital Drive Style app enables the driver to access the main content on his iPhone® conveniently and safely via the large vehicle display and the controller – including Siri voice control
  • With the progressive diamond grille and its innovative pins, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is redefining the radiator grille