Exciting Trophy 265 unleashes fury of the new Mégane Renault Sport range

  • Limited-edition RS Trophy 265 model introduces enhanced performance
  • Maximum output upped to 195 kW and 360 Nm, but efficiency also improved
  • F1-inspired Bridgestone tyres raise handling bar to even greater heights
  • Trophy 265 sets unbeaten front-wheel drive Nürburgring lap time of 8:07,97
  • Distinctive styling cues separate Trophy from mainstream RS models
  • RS Trophy reveals enhancements to entire new Mégane RS 265 range

Renault Megane Sport

The special, Renault Sport-enhanced versions of Renault’s Twingo, Clio and Mégane models, are renowned for their exceptional dynamic talents. Now, Renault is raising the performance bar even further with the launch of an even more spirited Renault Sport Mégane: the RS Trophy 265.

This limited-edition version of the Mégane RS not only represents the ultimate expression of the RS philosophy, but also heralds the introduction of a more powerful engine, stemming directly from RS’s F1 prowess, to the entire Mégane RS line-up.

With limited units on offer, the Trophy 265 is also set to become the most exclusive, and desirable, Mégane RS ever. It delivers unprecedented performance in the front-wheel drive segment, linked to superlative handling, head-turning styling details, and genuine race-inspired driving dynamics.

“The Mégane Renault Sport has earned numerous accolades the world over for its superior sporting credentials, and the exciting new Mégane RS Trophy takes this to even greater heights,” says Fabien Payzan, marketing vice-president of Renault South Africa.

“It confidently takes over the mantle as the most aspirational member of the RenaultSport range to date, and will certainly appeal to enthusiast drivers that demand the very best. At the same time, it previews the enhanced dynamics that will be available to buyers of the new-generation Mégane RS Sport and Cup 265 models.”

Renault Megane Sport 2012

In line with its distinctive sporting orientation, the Mégane RS Trophy 265 will be the headline act at the annual, Renault-sponsored Simola Hillclimb in Knysna. This action-packed event forms part of the Knysna Speed Festival.


The Mégane RS Trophy 265 represents the pinnacle of the award-winning high-performance road cars produced by Renault Sport Technologies and is the latest, limited-edition expression of the RS philosophy to become available in South Africa.

With over 35 years in F1 and over 10 constructors’ titles under its belt, Renault has a rich heritage in both international and local motorsport. Through innovation and technology, this pedigree has been translated into the marque’s current passenger car products.

“Renault’s product offering includes a choice of high-performance vehicles that adopt an uncompromising approach to dynamism, technology, safety, comfort and design. The result is the ultimate driving experience,” says Bijal Harilall, Renault SA’s Mégane product manager.

The spirited Mégane RS is already considered the performance benchmark in its segment, and stands out as the sector’s top-selling high-performance coupé, accounting for some 15 percent of the total Mégane Coupé sales in Europe.

However, the exciting new RS Trophy 265 provides an even more exhilarating and dynamic edge to this class-defining hatchback.

At the heart of the new flagship RS model is a reworked version of the impressive 2,0-litre 16-valve engine. In Trophy specification, the standard car’s 184 kW power peak is raised to an exceptional 195 kW at 5 500 r/min.

Similarly, the maximum torque climbs from 340 to 360 Nm, available between 3 000 and 5 000 r/min. The gains are primarily achieved by means of a higher boost pressure of 2,5 bar and a new air intake design.

Despite the increased performance, the uprated specification for the RS Trophy 265 allows for greater efficiency and reduced fuel consumption compared to the standard Mégane RS 250, which was launched in 2010.

The new engine makes its debut in the limited-edition RS Trophy 265, but will become available across the regular Mégane RS range, including the Sport and Cup models, in the very near future.

In order to maximise its dynamic talents, the Mégane RS Trophy 265 is equipped with the performance-oriented Cup chassis as standard, matched to a limited slip differential for improved traction.

The Trophy also benefits from the fitment of Formula One-inspired Bridgestone Potenza RE050A asymmetric 19-inch tyres. These are unique to the Trophy, and boast a directional tread pattern with specially developed tread blocks to provide outstanding grip, stability and acoustic comfort.

Not surprisingly, the Mégane RS Trophy 265  delivers sizzling performance. It despatches the benchmark 0-100 km/h sprint in just 6,0 sec, whilst attaining a 254 km/h top speed.

But nowhere is the dynamic edge of the RS Trophy more succinctly expressed than in its performance at the notoriously challenging Nürburgring in Germany, also known as the Green Hell. The Trophy established a new lap record for a front-wheel drive car on the track’s torturous ‘Nordschleife’, stopping the clocks on a remarkable 8 min 07,97 sec.

Visually, the RS Trophy 265 is instantly recognisable by its extensive ‘Red Line’ detailing and specific decals. It also sports a new rear lip spoiler, 19-inch gloss black STEEV wheels with red piping, RS valve caps and a numbered plaque.

Striking LED daytime running lights incorporated into the F1-style front blade also distinguish this dynamic new model. These and some of the Trophy’s aerodynamic aids will also be introduced to the new-generation RS Cup model when it becomes available later this year.

Additional unique features of the RS Trophy 265 is the exclusive new Sirius Yellow metallic paint colour, as well as the standard fitment of Xenon headlights. The RS Trophy 265 is also available in the other, established Mégane RS colours: Glacier White, Etoile Black and Cassiopeia Grey hues.

Inside, leather-clad Recaro bucket seats add an unmistakably sporty feel, complemented by eye-catching contrasting stitching on the upholstery, steering wheel and gear lever gaiter. The innovative RS Monitor is incorporated in the central display and provides a range of performance-oriented data for the driver.


Despite the proven performance of the current Mégane RS, Renault Sport’s engineers worked hard on the specification of the impressive 2,0-litre turbocharged engine to take driving enjoyment and response to even higher levels.

This powerplant features continuously variable valve timing and twin-scroll turbocharging, which are key to its superlative performance. But in this latest guise, maximum turbo pressure has been increased to 2,5 bar (up 0,2 bar), while the air intake design has been revised to take the higher pressure and higher running temperatures into account.

Accordingly, the peak power output has increased from 184 to 195 kW at 5 500 r/min, while maximum torque has been boosted by 20 Nm to an impressive 360 Nm across a particularly broad rev range that stretches from 3 000 to 5 000 r/min.

As a result of the specific power output of 97,5 kW/litre and a power-to-weight ratio of 7,1 kg/kW, the new RS Trophy delivers an exceptional performance package.

Indeed, the newcomer is capable of completing the 0-100 km/h sprint in just 6,0 sec (0,1 sec faster than the previous RS Cup) and the 1 000 m standing start in 25,4 sec (0,3 sec quicker). Top speed has also climbed to 254 km/h (up 4 km/h). The new-generation RS Cup 265 and Sport 265 will boast similarly enhanced performance.

Despite the greater performance, the revisions made to the 195 kW engine have resulted in improved efficiency.

The optimised configuration is credited with a combined-cycle fuel consumption figure of just 8,2 l/100 km, equivalent to 190 g of CO2/km. This represents savings of 0,2 l/100 km and 5 g/km respectively.


True to its performance orientation, the Mégane Renault Sport Trophy features the RS Cup chassis, which is aimed specifically at enthusiast drivers and those that participate in track days.

With increased anti-roll stiffness and specific dampers unique to the Cup chassis, it delivers exceptional handling and cornering prowess. This is bolstered by the fitment of a limited slip differential to enhance traction, which will appeal particularly to owners aiming to exploit the car’s full potential on a circuit.

In addition to the finely-tuned set-up of the Cup chassis and LS differential, a new tyre selected specifically for the RS Trophy contributes to the car’s exceptional road-holding on dry roads, especially through tighter turns, as well as in the wet.

The design of the Formula One-inspired Bridgestone Potenza RE050A’s asymmetric, directional tread pattern and the shape of its tread blocks provide outstanding grip, stability and comfort, whatever the conditions.

True to Renault Sport’s tradition of chassis excellence, the Trophy is fitted with the Mégane RS’s exclusive independent steering axis front suspension for optimum handling and traction. This arrangement ensures stable front suspension geometry under hard acceleration or when applying a significant amount of steering lock, thus addressing torque steer.

The programmed-deflection rear torsion beam axle uses a closed-profile beam that provides the same level of stiffness for less weight.

Like all Renault Sport models, the Mégane RS Trophy 265 boasts exceptionally powerful brakes thanks to its four-pot Brembo callipers and 340 mm ventilated discs at the front – the biggest available in the hot hatch segment. Braking performance is further enhanced by an 11-inch servo. At the rear, the Mégane RS is equipped with 290 mm grooved discs.

ABS is standard, as is the electronic stability programme (ESP) integrated with the RS Dynamic Management system that offers normal, sport and off modes for greater driver control.


Along with the added performance potential, the Mégane RS Trophy 265 gains additional visual distinction by means of unique features that set it apart from the standard RenaultSport models.

The Trophy boasts accented styling, illustrated by eye-catching decals on the doors, a new rear lip spoiler, redline detailing, dramatic 19-inch Gloss Black STEEV wheels with red piping and RS valve caps, as well as a numbered plaque.

LED daytime running lights are also incorporated in the F1-style front blade that is a characteristic feature of RenaultSport models. Some of these cosmetic improvements will also be introduced to the new-generation Cup when it becomes available later this year.

The launch of the Mégane RS Trophy 265 also marks the introduction of a new Sirius Yellow colour option, a metallic paint that emphasises the brand’s sporting orientation. It is unique to the RS Trophy 265.

The interior of the RS Trophy 265 further enhances the racy ambience, with contrasting stitching on the upholstery, steering wheel and gear lever. The leather-trimmed Recaro bucket seats are standard, and provide superior support and comfort, even when driving with intent.

As with the current Mégane RS Cup, the Trophy features the innovative RS Monitor. This on-board data logging system records performance and displays a range of vehicle data in real time – a feature that owners will especially appreciate during track days.

The RS Monitor collects driving data from an array of sensors, and the driver is able to scroll through the various functions using the steering wheel remote controls.

The following information is accessible on the main dashboard display:

  • engine function data (turbo pressure, oil temperature) and brakes
  • real-time engine performance data (power, torque)
  • transverse and longitudinal acceleration (‘G’ display)
  • stopwatch and lap timer, with memory function
  • performance data, with automatic recording of best 0-100 km/h,
  • standing start 400-metre and 1 000-metre times

Additionally, the RS Monitor enables the driver to modify the mapping of the accelerator pedal. Five settings are available with the ‘Sport’ mode selected, comprising ‘linear’, ‘normal’, ‘snow’, ‘sport’ and ‘extreme’. This makes it possible to tailor the engine response and acceleration to the conditions and driving style.

It also enables the driver to alter the accelerator pedal mapping to tailor the engine response and acceleration to the specific conditions and driving style.

Another important feature standard across the Mégane RS model range,  is the Renault Sport Dynamic Management three-mode ESP system, which allows the driver to choose the degree of electronic aid for different situations:

  • ‘On’ is the default mode. The ESP, ASR traction control and emergency brake assist (EBA) are all active. The system intervenes as soon as it senses the car is on the verge of sliding.
  • ‘Sport’ mode provides less intrusive ESP action. Although ESP and ASR are still active, they intervene at a later point and allow the car to slide up to the limits of a given threshold. Optimised starts are also on offer via a Power Start function included in the Sport mode.
  • ‘Off’ mode deactivates the ESP and ASR functions. ABS remains active. The mode is designed to allow full driver control and enjoyment, specifically for track use.


While the limited-edition  Mégane RS Trophy 265 is the first Renault Sport product to benefit from the updated 195 kW powerplant, the engine will also be introduced to the Mégane RS Sport and RS Cup models in the second half of the year.

The added performance provided by the updated drivetrain will therefore be available across the entire Mégane RS range. At the same time, the Sport and Cup derivatives continue to offer a compelling package linking dynamic prowess to an extensive list of features, advanced technology and value.

In the case of the Mégane RS Sport 265, the upgraded 195 kW engine is linked to the established Sport chassis, which offers a perfect compromise between taut composure and comfort.

The motorsport pedigree of the Sport is further underlined by the large disc brakes fitted with Brembo callipers, the lightweight 18-inch alloy wheels, and the standard-fitment EBDL electronic limited-slip diff, which enhances traction by using individual wheel braking to prevent wheel spin.

Comfort and convenience features include Renault’s hands-free key card, which operates both the central locking system and the ignition, integrated navigation, a dual-zone climate control system, exclusive Renault Sport leather seats, and the high-end Arkamys 3D sound system.

The Mégane RS Cup 265 places even stronger emphasis on performance and dynamics, and like RS Trophy, comes standard with the even tauter, competition-standard CUP chassis. Also standard is a mechanical limited-slip differential, which distributes power between the front wheels to optimise traction.

Other distinguishing features include special 19-inch lightweight alloy wheels, while the Brembo callipers fitted to the all-disc braking system are painted an eye-catching red. Inside, the Mégane RS Cup is fitted with lightweight Recaro racing seats trimmed in leather.

The dual-zone climate control and hands-free key card remain standard, but the Cup also comes fitted with the Renault Sport Monitor, an innovative digital display that provides an array of engine and performance data.

As is the case with all Renault’s passenger cars, safety remains paramount, and the entire Mégane RS 265 line-up benefits from comprehensive passive and active safety features. These include front and side airbags, LED daytime running lights, ABS brakes, ESP stability control and ASR traction control.


  • Mégane RS Sport – R359 900
  • Mégane RS Cup – R399 900
  • Mégane RS Trophy – R409 900