McLAREN Toronto Canada



Mclaren Canada

McLaren Automotive has officially opened its new McLaren Toronto showroom, marking the arrival of the MP4-12C high performance sports car to Toronto. Executive Chairman of McLaren Automotive and McLaren Group, Ron Dennis, welcomed the crowd and greeted 12C customers and guests.

“It’s exciting to be launching McLaren Toronto, one of our 10 dealerships in North America. McLaren has a long history of racing in Canada, both with Formula 1 and Can-Am. In fact, this is where Lewis Hamilton won his first Formula 1 race with McLaren and, with his win this weekend, the team has now won the last three Canadian Grands Prix with Lewis in 2010, and Jenson in 2011. To go from the racetrack to the road with our new 12C is a great moment for us, and it is very fitting that we can open McLaren Toronto in this milestone week,” commented Mr. Dennis.

Mclaren Toronto

Pfaff Automotive Partners was selected as one of the ten dealerships in the North American launch to represent McLaren in the Toronto market. Pfaff Automotive Partners will represent McLaren as ‘McLaren Toronto’ and have recently completed a state of the art facility located at 33 Auto Park Circle in Woodbridge, Ontario.

“The McLaren brand has built a legacy of producing superior race cars over the last 30 years. With the entry into the super car retail segment, McLaren is setting automotive history,” said Christopher Pfaff, President of Pfaff Automotive Partners. “We are honoured to align the Pfaff brand with a company whose DNA is so strongly rooted in racing and that upholds the same principles of excellence that Pfaff aspires to.”

“Even with a car as meticulously designed and engineered as the 12C, we know that satisfaction from driving the car must be matched with a world-class retail experience, and that is why we’ve selected partners like Pfaff Automotive Partners to represent us in North America,” said Tony Joseph, Director, McLaren North America. “Driving a great sports car is only part of the experience of owning a McLaren. As we establish an identity in this market, we hope that customer service and support become as identifiable with McLaren as our success on the Formula 1 circuit.”

With the arrival of the 12C in North America, it becomes the first in a range of high performance sports cars from McLaren Automotive. Along with future models within the range, it will challenge the world’s best sports cars, benefiting from the expertise and virtuosity of the McLaren Group. The 12C is set to re-write the rules of sports car design through Formula 1-inspired engineering, the revolutionary carbon fibre MonoCell chassis, and an absolute focus on efficiency and quality. It represents ‘pure McLaren’; from unique engineering to bespoke design where everything is for a reason.