Mazda6 Passenger-Side Air Bag Recall


mazda6-airbag-recallMazda Motor Corporation has announced a Recall Campaign on certain Mazda6 vehicles.

The recall comes after concerns were raised about the passenger airbag of some Mazda6 vehicles.

The supplier of air bags, Takata Corporation, notified Mazda Southern Africa that the subject coverage of the recall campaign affects Mazda6 vehicles produced from April 2002 through June 2003 with model VIN code (GG). This concern had deemed a recall campaign necessary.

The recall is due to an inappropriate production condition and storage of the propellant in the inflator. The density of the propellant may be insufficient on the inflator for the passenger seat airbag.

This might cause the propellant to ignite abnormally at the time of airbag deployment and potentially result in extremely high inner pressure of the inflator causing a rupture of the inflator case.  In a case of a rupture, the airbag might not deploy as designed and may lead to passenger injury.

There have been no recorded incidences on Mazda vehicles globally; however, there have been three recorded incidences on other brand vehicles. Since there is a potential that the same defect may occur on some Mazda vehicles, Mazda Southern Africa will conduct a repair procedure to replace the passenger-side air bag inflator with an improved unit on the possibly affected vehicles.

Mazda SA urges all owners with possibly affected Mazda6 vehicles to contact the Mazda SA Dealer Network or the Mazda SA Customer Care Centre on 0860 069 700 or email