Mazda South Africa: BT-50 Safety and Comfort Features


The Mazda BT-50 incorporates all the safety features you would expect in a fully-loaded passenger vehicle. In addition to safety measures specific to pick-ups, the all-new BT-50 is equipped with the advanced safety features found in passenger cars. Active safety begins with good all-round visibility and operability, superior braking performance and a full range of vehicle control technologies.

The major systems are 4W-ABS, TCS and DSC, complemented by the following:

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA): Senses emergency braking and boosts brake power.

Brake Override System (BOS): Automatically overrides the accelerator if brake and accelerator pedals are pressed simultaneously.

Load Adaptive Control (LAC): Senses the weight and position of cargo and controls the operation of 4W-ABS, TCS and DSC to maximize braking, traction and stability, and also reduce the risk of roll-overs.

Trailer Sway Assist (TSA): Senses when a trailer begins to sway and varies the vehicle’s left and right wheel speeds in response.
Roll Stability Control (RSC): Monitors vehicle behaviour and brakes individual wheels as necessary to prevent rollover.

Hill Launch Assist (HLA): Keeps brakes applied for up to two seconds after the brake pedal is released on upward inclines.

Hill Descent Control (4WD only): Applies the brakes to keep the vehicle moving at a predetermined speed.

Some models are equipped with a new rear parking aid that senses objects around the rear of the vehicle and gives an audible warning of their presence.

Passive safety starts with the strength and rigidity of the cabin, with its multiple, high-tensile steel reinforcements. The frame is optimized to absorb and disperse collision energy. Together, cabin and frame safeguard occupants against impacts from any direction. Passive safety inside the cabin includes front, side and curtain airbags. There is also a shock-absorbing steering column and crushable brake pedal to further protect the driver.

Pedestrian protection is provided by a honeycomb structure in the bonnet to absorb and disperse the force of impact with a pedestrian’s head.

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