Maserati GB Supports Italian Contemporary Artists


Maserati GB supports Italian Contemporary Artists by sponsoring: TRANSFORMATION An evolving exploration of our times and ourselves.

Maserati Arts

Maserati GB was proud to support a young and vibrant group of contemporary artists, including Laura Abdulcadir Benetton, Lorenzo Agius and guest of honour Mauro Perucchetti to name but a few, by sponsoring an ephemeral art exhibition called ‘Transformation’. Their works were exhibited at an exclusive event which took place last night at the Italian Ambassador’s residence in Grosvenor Square, London.

The artists who developed between Italy and the UK, explored and expressed their creativity during a period of transformation. Through addressing changes in society and using personal experiences, these artists have developed a new form of expression.

Metamorphosis, conversion, changeover, personal transformation, evolution and innovation are subjects explored by the artists, who created bespoke works for the exhibition through sculpting, painting, photography. Emigration from countries at war, the shift of economic growth from the West to the East, life-changing experiences are all forms of inspiration which have motivated these artists to create new works.