Mary Anning Google Doodle


    Today 21 May, 2014 Google is honoring the life and legacy of Mary Anning. Mary Anning was one of the first fossil hunters, who collected fossils in Lyme Regis her hometown, where she was born on the 21st of May 1799. She died at the age of 47 due to Breast Cancer.

    Mary Anning

    Mary Anning’s was pretty much her whole life an ordinary person with not much of a formal education. She could however read and write but did not have the best of educations. Mary Anning mostly earned her fame for her hard work. She was raised in the town of Lyme Regis, the town was very rich in fossil deposits that collected on the sea shore and cliffs.

    Her spot to fame, and the honor Google bestowed on her to let the world know about her today, mostly involved courage and hard work. Collecting fossils especially in Lyme Regis was not easy and took courage, bravery and hard work. The fossils she collected and sold played a big role in early archeology and many reckon her fossils played a significant role in science and understanding the history of the earth.

    Earlier today we wrote a comprehensive piece on Mary Anning and if you are interested to learn more about her, we highly recommend you reading the Mary Anning’s article.

    One of the best things for me personally about today’s google doodle about Mary Anning’s is the detail that went into the creation of the doodle. You can see the shoreline cliffs of Lyme Regis. In the drawing there is several fossils inside the wall, and the image of Mary Anning’s collecting the Fossils telling the story of Mary Anning’s all on its own!