SecureTech Manual but highly effective 4×4 equipment


Okay, you have finally purchased you 4×4 and are now dropping hints everywhere you can to see who will buy you your next piece of equipment. Hopefully this will fill a very large Christmas stocking in December.


But what should you hint for and let’s accept the obvious, you bought the beast to actually go off-road. A recovery kit is normally the first thing you buy as that’s as essential to off-roading as your vehicle.

Rubber is normally a second choice as it looks cool however perhaps run with the OE tyres for a while as given that you will mainly run on tar why waste them? A fridge is a worthwhile investment as you can use it all the time even on weekends for picnics and general travel.

Now we get to the cool stuff, the bits that look mean and tell everyone that you are a serious adventurer and off-roader-the replacement bumper and winch!

 Well before you travel in this direction it’s worthwhile considering a far less expensive option which in many cases can be more practical. The “wire rope” hand winch from Securetech.

This mechanical unit is a lot cheaper than an electric winch and when not needed the cable, handle and winch unit can simply be stored out of the way.The typical unit comes with a cable and a handle for winching in and out. Jaws in the winch grip and move the cable as the handle is cranked. All safety methods and equipment for winching and recovery such as gloves, a safety lanyard and a recovery blanket still apply.

A snatch block can also be used in conjunction with the winch. To lengthen a cable, you can safely use a pull strap. A hand winch is a highly effective piece of equipment but it does require a bit of manual effort to operate.

From a safety perspective the winch unit itself comes with shear pins built in to the crank-should you stress the unit the pins will shear and the jaws will lock onto the rope. Replacement pins are contained in the carry handle.

Your typical mechanical winch can be ordered complete with mounting brackets, covers and spools for the cable. An added benefit to their portability is the fact that they can be attached to the sides of vehicles as well as the front or rear making them useful in a variety of situations. In addition they are not dependant on hydraulics or electricity so will work even when a vehicles electrics or hydraulics are not operating.