• LUXGEN 3D light-scribe show offered futuristic and cutting-edge LUXGEN experience.
  • Car clay modeling show with on-site modeler demonstration.
  • Provided a full LUXGEN design experiences with behind-the-scene demonstration.

Integrating the creative ideas of 14 LUXGEN designers and the Executive Vice President of Design into perfect integration of multi-media communication, visual design, and car design to the public, LUXGEN presented the LUXGEN Design+ Experience Pavilion at the 2011 Taipei World Design Expo. It was a revolutionary move in Taiwan for an automotive brand to share the behind-the-scene design process with the public.

LUX Desging Cars

The Vice Premier Chen, Chun of Executive Yuan Republic of China (Taiwan); the Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs Republic of China (Taiwan), Dr. Yen-Shiang Shih; Dr. Lung-Bin Hau, Mayor of Taipei City, Taiwan; and Tony K. M. Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Taiwan Design Center, were all impressed by the LUXGEN Design+ Experience Pavilion during the opening of the pavilion, especially the LUXGEN 3D Theater and the live car clay modeling demonstrations. Mr. K.C. Hu, LUXGEN CEO, also presented the original sketches to the prominent guests, and received very positive recognition of LUXGEN’s foresights and accomplishments in car design.


The LUXGEN Design+ Experience Pavilion was showcasing a futuristic era for which the participants experienced an avant-garde future context of the neora intelligent electric vehicle concept, through the 3D light scribes combining with various backdrops and scenes.

Another eye-catching spot was the live design demonstration by the LUXGEN design team. The dynamic sketching by the designers and the presence of 1:1 scale neora clay modeling showcased the excellence of LUXGEN design and the behind-the-scene process in front of the public. Through the careful application of clay, rough shaping, careful engraving, detail trimming and carving, etc., the audience was able to experience the most essential aspects of the automotive design process.

LUXGEN is the only domestic car manufacturer to possess a comprehensive automotive design capability in Taiwan. Not only have the LUXGEN designed models received numerous awards, the LUXGEN brand was also the recipient of the coveted Taiwan Excellence Gold Award and the Most Popular Award two years running, a testimony of LUXGEN brand’s image, product design and performance.

During the exhibition, a team of the LUXGEN color design engineer, digital design engineer, and the modeler were on-site performing various design demonstrations from live clay modeling to color and materials composition including application of the leathers, textiles, patterns, paints, and the electroplates, providing the audience of the 2011 Taipei World Design Expo a rare and complete LUXGEN design experience.