Luiz Gonzaga Google Doodle Brazil


Today if you visit the Google Brazilian homepage you will be greeted by the friendly face of Luiz Gonzaga. He was a famous Brazilian Folk Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Poet loved by many Brazilians. Luiz Gonzaga was born on December 13, 1912 and died on August 2, 2012. Today 100 years later Google have decided to honour him today with their Brazilian Google Doodle. If you hover over the Google Doodle you will see that it says “100 Birthday Luiz Gonzaga”

Luiz Gonzaga

In the Google Doodle itself there is a cartoon character holding up a “Accordion”, “Piano Accordion” or a “Squeeze Box” with the words Google written on the keys. In the Background one can see Cactus, birds and the sun all well known marks of Brazilian Culture.

Although there is not much information available on Luiz Gonzaga in English and most of the information is in Portuguese you will now atleast have some idea of who Luiz Gonzaga where and what he were famous for!