The Smart Choice for Commuter Transportation Tata Motors Marcopolo Ltd. (TMML), the company that brings you Starbus, is a joint venture between Tata Motors Ltd. and Marcopolo S.A., Brazil. Tata Motors is the world’s second largest bus manufacturing company while Marcopolo S.A., Brazil is the world leader in body building for buses and coaches.

LPO 1823 STARBUS 2011

Together we have developed a world class bus with features tailor made for the South African bus market – the all new Tata Starbus LPO 1823. Read on to know more about the 65-seater Tata Starbus.

LPO 1823 STARBUS Inside

World class Tata Cummins engine
Tata Starbus LPO 1823 is powered by a world class Tata Cummins engine that offers
unmatched reliability, optimum performance and best in class fuel economy.

  • Powerful engine – 235 HP @ 2500 rpm
  • Peak torque of 800 Nm @ 1500 rpm & flat torque curve for better performance and lesser gearshifts.
  • Turbo-charged & Inter-cooled Euro-II engine backed by Cummins reliability & performance, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Enhanced Safety
Tata Starbus LPO 1823 incorporates several features that offer enhanced safety for passengers. These include:

  • Transmission-mounted Hydrodynamic Voith Retarder that gives superior braking performance, enhances brake & tyre life and, above all, provides safety for passengers.
  • Tata Marcopolo body meets all SABS compulsory standards relating to safety such as body roll-over structural strength, seat strength, seat anchorage and emergency exit requirements.
  • 315/80 R22.5 radial tyres to give superior performance.
  • Optional ABS.
  • Fire extinguisher and roof hatches.
  • Anti Roll Bar in front.

Commute in Comfort
The LPO 1823 commuter has many features that ensure a comfortable journey for passengers at all times. The comfort features include:

  • Aesthetically-designed interiors with dual tone seats.
  • Rear luggage compartment specially provided to meet the baggage space requirements during hire.
  • Modular Hat Rack.
  • Twin leaf pneumatic in-swing door for easy entry and exit.
  • Vehicle chassis designed specifically for bus applications.
  • Cost-saving, for higher profits
  • High quality bus aggregates like Tata Cummins engine, Voith retarder and Marcopolo body ensures low maintenance and longer life.
  • Reliable axle, suspension, brake and transmission aggregates tried and tested over numerous Tata commercial vehicles around the world.
  • Robust front axle with 7.5T capacity that provides higher load capability.
  • Large 380 mm dia assisted clutch that ensures driver comfort, clutch life and lower downtime.
  • 350-litre fuel tank for long, hassle-free trips that also saves on refuelling time.

All in all, Tata Starbus LPO 1823 offers what every fleet owner looks for: A bus that saves on running costs and adds to profits.

Make the smart choice. Transform your business. Get the Tata LPO 1823 Starbus Commuter.


Product Specifications:

LPO 1823
ENGINE CUMMINS 6BTAA 5.9 EuroII Turbocharged Intercooled
Make Model 6 inline
Cylinders 5883 cc
Capacity 173 kw @ 2500 rpm
Max power 800 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Max Torque
Make Model G750 with OD
No of gears 6F 1R
Type Sychromesh for forward constantmesh for reverse
High and Low ratio 6.58: 0.77
Type Single plate dry friction type
Diameter 380 mm
Type Dual circuit, full air S-CAM brake system
Parking Spring actuated parking brake acting
Auxillary Voith Hydrodynamic Retarder
Size and Ply Rating 315/80 R22.5
Type Radial
Gradeability 33%
Max geared speed 105 kmph
Fuel Tank Capacity 350 L
Overall length 12000 mm
Overall width 2600 mm
Overall Height 3200 mm
Wheelbase 6200 mm
Manufacturers Gross vehicle mass 17900 kg
Manufacturers Front axle mass 7700 kg
Manufacturers Rear Axle mass 10200 kg
Make Tata Marcopolo Body meeting SABS Compulsory Standards
Floor Surface 2 mm anti skid vinyl
No of seats 64+1
Entrance door Pneumatic Swing in Pivot
Seat Layout 3X2
Seat pitch 750 mm

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