London 2012 Table Tennis no Gold winner


    Today when I visited the Google homepage I was surprised to see the Google Doodle changed from the normal Google logo, to London 2012 Table Tennis. Even more surprising was that when I did some research about the Google Doodle and found out that this is the 3rd time that Google have done a table tennis Google Doodle.

    In olympic terms if we measure the Google Doodles by first, second and last the “London 2012 Table Tennis” logo got the Silver medal for ping pong!

    london 2012 Table Tennis

    London 2012 Table Tennis Bronze Medal Winner

    In the Google Doodle one can see two ping pong players. The one athlete have blond hair and the other one looks British. The Blonde player looks like he is about to serve and the British ping pong player ready to receive. On the net you will find the typical Google markings which is usually part of any Google Doodle Google creates, showcasing and making people aware that they are still on the Google pages.

    The Ping Pong racket makes up part of the “London 2012 Table Tennis” doodle and forms part of the “o” in Google.

    2008 Beijing Olympic Games Silver Medal winner

    2008 Beijing Olympic Games

    Just like the London 2012 Table Tennis Google Doodle, there have also been a doodle during the 2008 Beijing Olympics for ping pong. In the Google Doodle there is an image of a Dragon (Which is a very significant symbol for the Chinese). The Chinese are known to dominate ping pong and the doodle seemed spot on with the dragon hitting the ping pong ball!

    2004 Athens Olympic Games – Ping Pong – Gold Medal Winner

    2004 Athens Olympic Games

    Similar to the London 2012 Table Tennis logo the Doodle in 2004 also showed two players playing ping pong. The 2004 Athens Olympic Games Ping Pong Google Doodle were in fact the first every Table Tennis doodle long before the London 2012 Google Doodle and therefore wins the Gold Medal for Ping Pong Google Doodles.f