London 2012 Table Tennis Google Doodle

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London 2012 table tennis

Today 2 August, 2012 Google have changed their logo to London 2012 Table Tennis. I haven’t really followed the London 2012 Table Tennis competition this year, but after seeing the Google London 2012 Doodle switched my television set to the London 2012 Table Tennis broadcast to see what is happening at the Olympics. Like most year’s it seems like the Chinese are once again dominating the London 2012 Table Tennis event.

London 2012 table tennis

The London 2012 Table Tennis Google Doodle brought some fond memories back from my childhood. I remember me and my friends playing “REAL” table tennis, on a “REAL” Table tennis table. I have played some table tennis on my Wii Console recently but seeing the London 2012 Table Tennis games, being played at the Olympics. I just once again realized that Wii Console Table tennis and real table tennis cannot be compared. Each game requires there, own skills but playing real table tennis is much more fun than playing it on a Wii Console. One advantage of playing it on the Wii Console is that you do not need to have someone to play against; you can play at anytime and anywhere.

London 2012 Table Tennis Google Doodle Important for Table Tennis

Although it is just speculation at the time, and I do not have the current stats for how many people play table tennis around the world. I believe that with Google choosing to feature the London 2012 Table Tennis Google Doodle on there FrontPage, many people will take notice of real table tennis that might not otherwise have paid attention to the game. Hopefully more people will take up real table tennis and not only just play it on the Wii Console.

It would really be interesting to do a study in 20 years to see at the Olympics in 2032 what effect did the London 2012 Table Tennis Google Doodle had on the young people who read more about table tennis and who have decided to take up the game because of the Google Doodle. It will also be interesting to see what the world wide attention the Google Doodle generated had on the Chinese domination of table tennis.

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