London 2012 Synchronized Swimming: 10th Google Doodle


    Here at 3D Car Shows we love to follow Google Doodles. It is almost always interesting to find out that Google picked someone’s birthday that we should know but did not know they played such a big part in the invention, art work or event.

    London 2012 synchronised swimming

    This year with the Google London 2012 Google Doodles, we are almost just as surprised when we look at the sports that Google picks for their Google Logo’s. In most cases it looks like Google is picking the less main stream sports to be honored by having a place on their Google Doodles Showcase.

    Inspire of going against the steam and picking less known sports, we admire that Google is giving these sports much needed attention and exposure via there Google Doodle and Homepage. It would actually be interesting to get the stats on how Google influenced participation in these sports in years to come.

    Today the 10th Google Doodle is showcasing the “London 2012 Synchronized Swimming” event. This is one of two events that do not have males competing. In some other international events men are allowed to compete in synchronized swimming, however in the Olympics they cannot.

    The London 2012 synchronised swimming event is taking place in London from the 5th of August 2012 to the 10th of August 2012.