London 2012 Synchronised Swimming


    The London 2012 Synchronised Swimming competition is starting on August 5, 2012. This year there are more than 160 Athletes from 34 Nations competing at the Olympic Games!

    Synchronised swimming

    The London 2012 Synchronised Swimming is taking place in the Aquatics Centre at the Olympic park. At the last Olympics Russia have dominated the event and it would be interesting to see if the host nation Great Britain can put their stamp on the event.

    What is Synchronised Swimming

    Interestingly Synchronised Swimming started as a male sport, but currently are 1 of 2 sports that do not have any male participants at the Olympics. Synchronised Swimming hasn’t always been part of the games, and has only been included since 1984, at USA Olympics.

    Synchronised Swimming is a mix between dance, gymnastics and swimming. The main difference between gymnastics and Synchronised Swimming is that Synchronised Swimming is performed in water.

    Synchronised Swimming require great skills from athletes, a typical Synchronised Swimming athlete will have great water skills, strength, flexibility, timing, dancing and gymnastic skills. It is also important for a swimmer to have good lung capacity, and breath control as the swimmer perform under water.

    In the Olympics Synchronised Swimming is a woman only event, although there is other international and national competitions where men participate in.

    Format of London 2012 Synchronised Swimming

    At the London 2012 Synchronised Swimming event, athletes will need to complete in two routines.  The one require technical skills and the other freestyle.

    Synchronised Swimming is governed internationally by FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation).

    London 2012 Synchronised Swimming Google Doodle

    On Sunday, the 5th of August 2012 Google chose “London 2012 Synchronised Swimming” to be its 10th Google Doodle for this year’s Olympics. It is not the maiden appearance for Synchronised Swimming to be featured as a Google Doodle.

    Synchronised Swimming London 2012

    In 2004 during the Summer Olympics Google had a Synchronised Swimming Doodle. In this doodle there were 2 swimmers performing.

    London 2012 synchronised swimming

    In the “London 2012 Synchronised Swimming” there are 8 swimmers performing. They have created a circle or star around the “o” in the letters Google. One can also see the swimming pool in the image and the reflection of light in the water.