London 2012 Soccer Game


    If you visited Google on the 10th of August 2012 you would have found the “London 2012 Soccer” Google Doodle Game. During the Summer Olympics 2012 which took place in London, United Kingdom. Google launched one Google per day, promoting the London 2012 Olympics.

    London 2012 Soccer

    Clicking on the Google doodle would have taken you to the sport that is currently on at the Olympics.

    It is also interesting to note that during this period Google have mainly chosen sports that are not in the main stream media all the time. Providing much needed exposure to these sports.

    In the Google Olympics Game “Soccer” they have opted for a main stream sport, and it would be interesting to see statistics on which Google Doodle were the most popular from all these. My money would go on the Google Game doodles, which allowed visitors to play a short game related to the sport Google, were promoting.

    Since “Soccer” is one of the biggest sports in the world, we suspect that it will receive the most hits, ever for a Google Doodle. The Soccer game also allows people to play the game again and again. The Google Olympic Game doodles have also started a new Olympics craze, to see who can play the game the best. Over the past few days since the launch of the Google Games, many people have posted their best scores on Social Networks and blog sites, to see who the best is.

    The Soccer game once completed allows players to read more about “Soccer” at the Olympics. In the “Soccer” Google search results Google have created links to the official London 2012 Soccer pages. This is of course part of their Google+ drive. Google have also added sport results on these pages, and just by visiting the page you can see who is currently leading the London 2012 Soccer games.

    In short, we are of the opinion that the London 2012 Sport Google doodles and games have had a very positive effect on how many people visited the official London 2012 Olympics pages. We also believe that the London 2012 Olympics games are likely to be the most visited online sports event ever!

    The enormous traffic that has been generated towards the London 2012 Olympics could not have been possible without the daily Google Doodles from Google!